Exposing Patriarchy: The Herd of the Male Murderer

La Manada del Asesino ..
Exposing Violent Patriarchy in Spain

Here we translate one of many posts confronting ingrained patriarchy/  in Spanish society,  published since the first ever hugely successful Women’s Work and Home General Strike in the Spanish State on 8th March 2018, and also relating to the outrage at the release of a group of gang rapists.. the ‘Manada’, and the various waves of feminist social revolution now sweeping the world.

by  Aliss   .. original en castellano HERE/AQUÍ   La manada del asesino

  The Herd of the Male Murderer 

‘In the law courts men are not usually framed in the profile of the abuser .. while women are often presumed to be liars. Women report abuse and lawsuits are filed, but without being investigated. The presumption of innocence is distorted and the legal guarantee is transformed into defenselessness.

Women have recently been conquering levels of equality and freedom (in Spain), but many men are watching us, skulking,  full of resentment, and eager to put us back in the place they think is ours’.

So affirms Amelia Valcárcel: ‘ this contained anger usually exerts itself  through subtle forms of violence, such as verbal, in the media, in relationships with us or when they are away from women in their professional, leisure or social environment’.

‘No More Patriarchal Violence’ .. ‘Abusing one of us they abuse us all’ .. ‘We cry out against our forced destiny’..

Although repressed, the patriarchal law is a hidden code that permeates every pore of our society. The threat of unleashed anger and exemplary punishment is always present.

When one of the members of the ‘herd’ commits a heinous crime the other members of the fraternity come out like vermin in their defense by invoking patriarchal norms.

In Castellón, Spain, a man killed  his two daughters of 4 and 6 years old with a knife to take revenge on his ex-wife. The woman had asked for protection from the Law, but justice did not trust her.

She had requested protective measures in court, but the judge considered that the risk was low and dismissed the measures, noting that both parents were involved in a custody suit and that there were contradictions between the testimony of the man and the woman. .

Today her daughters are dead, the cries of horror of the mother were heard throughout the neighborhood.

While the small bodies were still warm, the fraternity was writing comments on the news like those which follow, inventing all the data necessary to excuse the crime:

“He was a man whose marriage had failed and his wife had left with his daughters, he had lost his job and his ex had sued him for not paying the pension by getting his bank accounts seized. He was hitting bottom and he had no moral to look for a way out. (…) committed suicide by taking his daughters with him. Was it because of revenge or was it because of Image result for patriarchy denial syndromedesperation? “

“The mother had a job, he was unemployed, she had ruined him. That’s why this happened. ” “The murders have the advantage in that men are forced to pay pensions to their ex-women or children, when they stay home, or they do not let them see their children.”

“The mother had rented another apartment two blocks away, which is what the restraining orders usually cover, why did she then ask for a restraining order? I imagine that these circumstances must have influenced the decision of those who instructed the case. They probably saw signs of bad faith on the part of the woman. “

“All men are blamed arbitrarily, why don’t we talk about the infanticide committed by mothers?”

UK: 94% of convicted murderers are men

“Gender violence is an absurd concept that encourages hatred against men. There is no patriarchy, there is no discrimination against women. There are toxic relationships with mutual agressions. Women die more because they have less physical strength. “

“Energy poverty kills more people in Spain than gender violence. Alcohol kills more people than gender violence. “

“The socialists have set up a  business at the expense of the suffering of others. They cover the part of reality that interests them. They’ve been like this for about twelve years”.

”Violence breeds violence, and this law of gender violence is very violent against men and causes many men to see the disproportionate measures applied to them by reducing their existence to the most absolute moral misery (which starts with random detentions if their ex decides it, the instantaneous taking of their offspring, economic ruin, social stigma, etc.), so they feel assaulted and mistreated by the system and lose any hint of humanity…. A balanced law, that is, a different one from the current one, would generate much less gender violence than what we currently suffer. “

We see that these commentators are unable to feel empathy for the murdered girls and for their mother, who has suffered the greatest harm that can be inflicted on a person. They are unable to side with innocents and victims.

Instead, the first thing that occurs to them is to write a comment complaining that society, laws and the press criminalize men and sanctify women.

As they only think of themselves, their only concern at that moment is the claim that the news in which the criminal is a man concludes with a tagline of the type “we know that not all men are murderers” or “there are also murderous mothers “.

Others go further in their iniquity and justify the murderer or blame the victim. Their comments show that they identify themselves with the murderer and they feel part of the same aggrieved group.

We know that the social consideration of men as superior beings to women has been formally outlawed in the Constitution and in the laws. However, as Amelia Valcárcel maintains, the idea still holds sway in many masculine minds as something of common sense.

Many men perceive that times are different and that it is politically incorrect to say aloud what they really believe, but in their hearts they are sure of their superiority and in their right to violence.

The fraternity (we could also call it the herd) remains completely valid to them. In private conversations and in men’s spaces, the fraternity can act without restraint. The herd is a group of potentially violent equals accustomed to violence being used as a definitive instance of power.

Each individual proves his equality, his masculinity, his belonging to the herd, by showing his capacity to use violence. Women are considered objects, inferior beings that can be used sexually by all men or be submitted exclusively to one of exercising roles of unselfish care and faithful delivery.

The legitimate demands of freedom, equality and justice by women are perceived as attacks against the rights of men. Examples of these arguments are the following:

“How dare she separate”, “That she has taken care of them longer until now does not give her any right to keep custody of the girls, nor to ask for money”,.“I will not pay  a euro to this bitch who has gone to fuck with others “,” they complain that they earn less, but they work less “,” If you prefer to be mothers, then do not complain about earning less “,” I am working all my life so that this sly one keeps the flat”,” everybody knows that she has left me lying like a dog, but I am going to destroy her “,” she is a liar, a false one who denounces me to keep everything, with the help of the Hebrew laws. “Image result for patriarchy denial syndrome

Men who think in this way are publicly displayed as deniers of patriarchy and question the statistics and official data regarding the discrimination of women, as if they were the result of a conspiracy. They have so naturalized the subordination of women that women’s rebellion is intolerable to the point of justifying the most frightful of crimes.

When a sexist crime happens, they justify it with a not credible “it is horrible but …” followed by the excuse exposed in a revanchist language, cold and calculating.

The patriarchal code of fraternity infests society. It spreads the vision of women as liars who denounce with the intention of ruining men (and this perspective reaches the courts). When passing through the legal sieve, a long history of gender violence is reduced to a few isolated events that result in disconnected fragments of little gravity, of little dangerous appearance. 

The protection measures are denied. The risk is considered insignificant. Meanwhile, in the daily life of the woman, the process brands her socially with a shadow of suspicion. For her ex’s family (if they have offspring, it’s also her family), she is a lying harpy.

For the abuser, the process marks a turning point: she has humiliated him and will pay for it. The children are the weapon for the final destruction of the enemy.

Women experience that they are revictimized, that they are judged, as if the central issue of the lawsuit was if their complaint is false or it is not. If they report, they do not fit into the passive profile expected of a victim. If they withdraw, the matter is filed and for the fraternity this implies that the complaint was false.

Although the systematically murdered are women and their children, the fraternity succeeds in imposing its discourse. Society must defeat the fraternity to put an end to the feminicide and its impunity.

Tasia Aránguez Sánchez / Feminist Tribune

This work is in the public domain 

Comments on Article : The herd of the male murderer (translated from original in Spanish)

Comment: The herd of the murderer   by pixi

nearly 95% of all murderers worldwide are men   https://fairplayforwomen……   Nearly every mass killer is a man. https://www.theguardian.c…..  Men murder 1,500 women a month in the USA. 150 a year in the UK. If these were terrorist attacks, everyone would be screaming for something to be done.

Comment: The herd of the murderer by unx

… and hundreds of catholic processions are held every year in this state, with the participation of many women, celebrating patriarchy and forgetting those murdered  for centuries. Where are the feminist fighters? Will we continue with the separation of women and men, instead of talking about people? Will we continue to believe in bourgeois justice and its absurd laws? Or are we going to change to a speech a little further on that is based on reflections on history and its consequences? Of those who do not talk on TV or on Facebook … Conscious people (A) do not fit into the paternalistic logic of the state and its democratic and authoritarian defenders!

Comment: The herd of the murderer     by caperucito rojo y el lobby feroz *red riding hood and the ferocious lobby)

The solution for feminism to spread throughout the world is to do like the Pili Rahola.With  a well-used wallet, luxury hotels, chosen community of god, Catalan / Zionist / feminist nationalist propaganda and ‘cash in’.  The same path could be  followed by those of the Feminist Tribune, the ministers and ex female Socialist ministers, the Editorial Board of Publico,  the leftwing newspaper, those who rule in the CUP, Podemos, the Barbijaputa, Aliss, etc.   With the surplus of feminists in the developed  West and the shortages suffered in Outer Mongolia, the Sahel, Sub-Saharan Africa the Altiplano and Patagonia, the most reasonable thing would be to send our excess of feminists to where they are really needed. (Beware, better not Brazil since Bolsonaro has based his campaign on an anti-feminist struggle and against the theory of genres, which has multiplied his voting prospects) See also: https: //www.enlacejudio.com/2018/10/01/pilar-rahola-naugurara-cumbre-de-mujeres-en- argentina /

Comment: The herd of the murderer.    by ‘.’

for Teresa , the struggles between parents for parental custody of their children in the context of the traumatic ruptures of families can reach these criminal extremes, in men and women, and are encompassed in parental violence, not merely patriarchal or merely gender, which is part of social violence in general: ‘Woman Kills the  father and his three children after losing the battle for custody’ https: //www.cuatro.com/noticias/sociedad/suicidio-colectivo-custodia- mex

Comment: The herd of the murderer    by .

Some are happy with this division of genres. That way they can do a job that they could not do otherwise. They would have to work really. These texts that are exposed here are also seen in the journals of the heart.

Comment on Comments : The Herd of the Male Murderer    by Aliss   rough translation

Oh my God “unx”, you are in a grave error because of your limited vision. Not all women are feminists, nor all claim equality with men, nor all have class consciousness …, etc, as happens with men. In fact there are many women who do not question oppression. And I suppose there will be women who consider themselves feminists and Catholics, yet the women, feminists or non-feminists, whom you despise most intensely, are those who cry out to get rosaries off our ovaries. Therefore, you complain precisely about the women who ideologically are closest to you.

The image that you draw of the feminists, is a grotesque caricature and often a farce and a manipulation. If you were minimally conscious, you would not be so afraid to talk about your misogyny, instead of hiding it by starting talking about people instead of women, so, if we do not speak as women, these abuses, mistreatment and oppression disappear as violence against women, and go to swell the list of general violence and get buried……

 Mr “caperucito”,  speaks of “our surplus of feminists …”  Wow, another one who thinks he’s “owner of Uruguay”. His lapses speak more about him than his comments. He does not miss the opportunity to screw up no matter how hard he tries to conceal it. His aversion to women is so strong,  …  that he can’t express himself in any other way. In his delirious hatred, he mixes nationalism, Zionism, Catalanism and feminism … From what he says Bolsonaro has something in common with him, is he also preparing himself to stand for some elections? …..

Mr “.”,  ….. Look at what he says: “the struggles between parents for the custody of their children (…) and are encompassed in parental violence, not merely patriarchal or merely gender” Have you noticed that speaks of “parents “, of ” parental “and of” patriarchy ” (padre = father) and then says that it is not a purely gender issue. It seems that in what he says, the mothers have been forgotten. He refers to “the parents”, the mothers are made invisible by him. He speaks of “paternal custody”, and will be excused in that way it is typified in the legislature and etc, etc … And denies that it is a patriarchal issue, but both “parents”, as “parental”, as “patriarchal”, it seems that they have a common root that denies one of the parties, that of the mothers, that of the women who have procreated  …...

The allusion to the “magazines of the heart” is surprising. I suspect that this comment, although with the nickname “.”, may be from another person since it does not “exhibit” the technicalities and insults to which I am accustomed. I doubt that Tasia’s text is reproduced in those mags, but I can’t assure you because I don’t read them …..

To conclude I will comment that Tasia makes a very accurate portrait of the many of the commentators of this web  … She says: “Men who think in this way are publicly displayed as deniers of patriarchy and question the statistics and official data regarding the discrimination of women, as if they were the result of a conspiracy …They have so naturalized the subordination of women that women’s rebellion is intolerable”.

This could be applied to almost all the habitual commentators. “When a macho crime occurs, they justify it with the incredible “its horrible but …” followed by the excuse exposed in a cold and calculating language . “” We see that these commentators are unable to feel empathy for the girls killed and for the mother, who has suffered the greatest damage that can be inflicted on a person ” When the text says ” the first thing that occurs to them is to write a comment complaining that society, laws and the press criminalize men and sanctify women “, here we can easily recognize commentators of the type  of  Mr “caperucito”.. 

Again  Mr “.”, appears clearly identified in this description, and the link that he “gives us” about the woman who ”commits suicide after murdering the father and his three children” because of the loss of custody, is a clear justification for the “there are also murderous mothers” anticipated by Tasia.

Tasia is correct when she states: “The patriarchal code of fraternity infests society” “Many men perceive that the times are different and it is politically incorrect to say aloud what they believe at the bottom, but in their hearts they believe in their superiority and in their right to violence, the fraternity (we could also call it the herd) remains completely valid “.

Comment: The herd of the killer

pixy 07 Oct 2018

nearly 95% of the murderers worldwide are men ..https: //www.bbc…

original en castellano AQUÍ   La manada del asesino

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