Turkish Forces cross border as Erdogan Denies Syrian Right to enter Manbij

LATE NEWS..  Kremlin Confirms Syrian Army DeploymentIn Manbij As More Troops Head Towards City

 Photo : Press Service of the President of SyriaTurkey: Syrian Kurds ‘Have No Right’ to Seek Help from Damascus

Trump’s abrupt decision to pull troops out of Syria effectively gave Ankara the green light to take over and Turkify the remaining Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Syria, including important oilfields.
Turkey was all set to invade, poised to first take over the Manbij area and city, with thousands of jihadi mercenaries and its 500,000 strong army.
Then on Friday 28th Dec. the Kurds, in agreement with the Manbij Council invited Assad’s Syrian army to take control and the SAA immediately agreed and its troops planted the Syrian flag near the city….


December 28,by martyrashrakat  ”Turkey on Friday said Syrian Kurdish militants “does not have the right” to appeal to Damascus for help to counter a threatened Turkish offensive in the north”.Source: AFP

comment..      ‘An RT video shows Turkish troop convoys invading Syria at Jarablus. The Kurdish invitation to Assad’s troops to defend Manbij from Turkey and its slavering, drugged,  jihadi mercenaries has been accepted by Syria and some SAA troops are near the city.

However Erdogan seems to be going ahead with his invasion .. because it has nothing to do with a few Kurds being on the local multi ethnic council, and everything to do with destroying the Rojava Revolution, especially the liberation of women, and opening the way for a full scale invasion of eastern Rojava.

Erdogan is fuming mad, hopefully by just a day or two he has been prevented from seizing Manbij… which he would never ever give back.

Turkey-backed Syiran Ahrar al-Sharqiya member outside Manbij threatens Kurds with beheading. A Nato ally is sending jihadist to kill Kurds. https://twitter.com/ZagrosZagrosi/status/1077989384287330310

Erdogan wants to genocide the Kurds and their customs, language and democratic revolution, but even more he wants to invade, take over and Turkify another province on the way to creating his boasted new Ottoman Empire’….

by martyrashrakat  ”The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) controlling the area with arms does not have the right or power to make a statement or invite other elements on behalf of the local population,” the Turkish defense ministry said’…..

“We warn all sides to stay away from provocative actions and making statements that will bring further instability to the region,” the Turkish ministry said in a statement.

”Syrian government forces on Friday entered the strategic northern city of Manbij, held by the YPG since recapturing the area from the ISIL Takfiri group in 2016.

The Kurdish militants had said they invited government troops “to assert control over the areas our forces have withdrawn from, particularly in Manbij, and to protect these areas against a Turkish invasion”.

Source: AFP

Dec 27 2018 FSA Turkish mercenaries gather to attack Manbij.  Trump has done his ‘Evil Deal’ with Erdogan, for a $3.5bn of Patriot missiles and ‘many other purchases’ in exchange for selling out and betraying his SDF and Kurdish allies who conquered ISIS. We can be sure that both mafia style presidents will receive untraceable kickbacks  in anonymous offshore accounts.

Turkish forces enter Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has refused to believe the Syrian statement, brushing it aside as a“psychological action.” Later in the day, the Turkish military crossed into Syrian territory at the border town of Jarablus.  Several convoys of Ankara’s armored personnel carriers were seen making their way through streets.  see video.

Syria army ‘enters’ Kurdish-held Manbij

The reported troop entry into Manbij comes after Kurdish YPG asked for government help in preventing a ‘Turkish invasion’. The senior Kurdish Image result for Ilham Ahmedofficial, Ilham Ahmed, reportedly told AP that government troops have arrived but not yet entered the city.

The military declaration on Friday came moments after the People’s Protection Unit, or YPG, made an appeal to President Bashar al-Assad‘s government to prevent a “Turkish invasion”.

Image result for SAA in ManbijThousands of Turkish paid jihadi mercenaries had gathered on the Manbij border backed by the 500,000 strong Turkish army, but can now only proceed risking a Turkish war with Syria.

“The aim is to ward off a Turkish offensive,” Ahmed said. “If the Turks’ excuse is the [Kurdish fighters], they will leave their posts to the government,” she said.  Syria said no autonomy offer has been offered to the YPG, but they did not make demands that they disarm, as happened in Afrin.

Until now Assad has not dared to resist the powerful Turkish invasions of Afrin, Jarablus, Azaz and Al Bab areas of Syria. Now the YPG/J and SDF have forced him to choose by offering Manbij to avoid a Turkish takeover.

The US still has two posts around Manbij but they are due to pull out.

Erdogan furiously  called the announcement a ‘False Psyop’ but,  unless it can make an agreement with Assad, Turkey will now  have to make new plans to continue its genocidal plot to expand the ´’Ottoman Empire’.

The Arab section of SDF, Jaysh al-Thuwar, is taking the lead in defending Manbij against Turkey-backed jihadist groups and the Turkish army.

Manbij is a shining example of the Rojava Revolution

After a long bloody siege Manbij was liberated from ISIS terror in 2016. Now with Trump’s sellout/betrayal and Russian and Syrian permission, the neo-fascist expanding Erdogan regime is letting loose its paid jihadi gangs to destroy the Manbij revolution, enslave women as before, and open the way for a real genocide in eastern Rojava.
The US has given Erdogan free rein to flood Rojava with his fast growing mercenary army of jihadi Syrian militias, including many ISIS and Al Qaeda and militias now holed up in Idlib. Erdogan is paying the terrorists 500 Turkish dollars a month and offering loot, land and power destroying Rojava. Especially evil is the promise to destroy the unique womens’ liberation movement, returning women to semi slavery under medieval jihadi rule and implicitly offering the terrorist mercenaries the right to kidnap, rape and torture the heroic YPJ womens defense militia, as is already happening in Afrin.
Following the US decision to withdraw troops from Syria, the Turkish state  increased its invasion attempts targeting Kurds. Massive invasion preparations are well advanced around Manbij area which would have been a relatively easy target when the small US presence clears out.
Manbij is not even a Kurdish majority city and a unique independent multi ethnic and gender equal Council was set up after the SDF liberated it from ISIS  and successfully runs the area despite the Turkish blockade.
15/08/2016.Thousands of ISIS hostages passed from a medieval tyranny to a revolutionary and feminist area as Manbij fell to the SDF. Now Turkey wants to enslave these women again by giving Manbij back to new jihadi mercenaries..”.. Women don’t possess any rights under the regime of ISIS. We are left without a will or the possibility of self expression.  Women become prisoners in their own houses; besides giving birth to children, they don’t have any rights or value. We can call this war against women..” Since then Erdogan has not rested in his obsession with destroying Manbij

According to the AFP, Turkish government backed gangs have been fortifying their positions around Manbij. A gang spokesperson said they are making their final preparations against Manbij and argued that they are waiting for the political deals between Ankara and Washington.

27/12/18.  Turkey’s jihadi mercenaries, many from Idlib, are arriving on the outskirts of Manbij, backed by tanks and heavy artillery, with the promise of plunder, looting, land and rape, as happened in Afrin,  in service of Turkish fascist expansion.

An American volunteer fighting alongside Kurdish forces in Syria was killed during the offensive to recapture the town of Manbij from Islamic State militants in 2016.

Manbij Military Council Spokesperson Shervan Dervish said their forces have come to attention and added: “We are monitoring the increase in back up forces along the border.”

Dervish said “The International Coalition patrols are still in place, and nothing has changed,”

Jaysh al-Thuwar General Command Deputy Ehmed el Sultan (Ebu Al-Arac) spoke to ANHA and also said the Turkish state is preparing their gangs to attack Manbij, adding that they are ready to resist any and all attacks.

A YPJ volunteer helps rescue civilians from ISIS in Manbij in 2016, illustrating the dramatic revolutionary change in female status. Many volunteers died rescuing civilians from ISIS.

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