Gallery.. Save our Vanishing Forest Home

Forests are the primeval home of unique human animals, and without them we wouldn’t have enough oxygen to breath or little enough CO2 to avoid a hothouse Venus.

But our home is being destroyed at an ever increasing rate by an evil system which only works by infinite ”growth” on our strictly finite planet. Already 97% of land mammals are humans and our pets and livestock. Climate change is out of any control, spending on lethal fossil fuels increased last year, and voluntary investment in renewable stagnated.

One of the easiest and most effective of many measures needed to save our home is a massive reforestation campaign, forced by a radical worldwide citizens movement. But such a thing takes time…it’s now or never.

Greenwashing. Log piles of hardwood trees stacked 30-40 feet high and hundreds of yards long loom above as logging trucks loaded with trees entered the facility every few minutes. We saw more trucks loaded with pellets leaving, on their long journey to be burned in power stations. My first incredulous thought on this day was: This is “green” energy?


Trient Valley, Mont de l ‘Arpille, Martigny, Canton of Valais, Switzerland     Author:valérie kuki. Source:

Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada   Roughly the size of Ireland and home to hundreds of animal species (including rare wolves and whales), the Great Bear Rainforest is one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet. And with its scattering of fjords, waterfalls, massive cedar trees, and 4,000-foot granite cliffs, it’s also one of the most beautiful.

Accidental’ fire is a ”cheaper” option than clear cutting, if, as is usual,  you disregard the incalculable environmental damage.

The Amazon, lungs of the world,  is being opened to logging, ranching, mining and dams after an institutional coup and phony election gave Brazil to a rightwing kleptocratic  clique of Trump admirers.  The Amazon is the largest rainforest left on Earth, and home to more than 40,000 plant species and 1,300 bird species alone. But marvel at the winding rivers and diverse wildlife while you can—climate change is also increasingly likely to destroy it through drought.
Dragon’s Blood Forest, Socotra, Yemen

Located about 220 miles from mainland Yemen, Socotra feels like it was transported to Earth from a distant planet. And perhaps nothing better conveys that sense of otherness than the island’s population of dragon’s blood trees, with their UFO-like tops and eerie bright red sap (hence the name). Socrata has been stolen from Yemen by the  UAE and Saudi invaders who have set up military bases on the unique desert island

Otzarreta Forest, Basque Country, Spain

The Basque Country’s Gorbea Natural Park is a protected area filled with mountain views, hiking trails, waterfalls, and caves. But it’s the enigmatic Otzarreta Forest that has captured the eye of many a photographer (and Pinterest user), with its mossy surfaces and ancient trees.

Old -growth Juniper and Piñon-Pine lie in a twisted heap in a ”chained” area south of Spruce Mountain, Nevada. Giant tractors destroy whats left of these millennia old US ecosystems, where people believe we have the right to consume as much as we can buy.

The fires devastating Indonesia have been called ecocide and a ‘crime against humanity’…Fire on the outskirts of Palangkaraya city, Central Kalimantan. Photograph: Bay Ismoyo        Global Forest Watch

Become a Rainforest Rapid Responder

Green Anti-Capitalist Front – Climate Struggle Is Class Struggle

Vandana Shiva: Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Forest

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