Canada’s Pandemic / 7 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths among the Fully Vaccinated/ Trudeau thinking up a Lie

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The following chart shows the percentage of Covid-19 cases by vaccination status in Canada from 13th Nov to 4th Dec 21, 5th Dec 21 to 15th Jan 22, and 9th Jan to 15th Jan 22.

Between 13th Nov and 4th Dec 21, the fully vaccinated accounted for 64% of cases, whilst the unvaccinated accounted for 36% of cases.

But fast forward 1 month and we find that between 5th Dec and 15th Jan 22 the fully vaccinated accounted for 89% of Covid-19 cases, whilst the unvaccinated accounted for just 11%. We also see exactly the same distribution over the most recent 7 days.


But we can assure you this doesn’t correlate to the percentage of population who have been fully vaccinated. According to the most recent Government of Canada report as of 15th Jan 22 a total of 22.6 million people were considered fully vaccinated, whilst 24.3 million people had received at least one dose.

The population of Canada as of 2020 was officially estimated to be 38.01 million.

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Therefore, 36% of the population are unvaccinated, 5% of the population are partly vaccinated, and 59% of the population are fully vaccinated. Yet the most recent Government of Canada Covid-19 data shows that 89% of Cases have occurred among the vaccinated population, 98% of which were fully vaccinated.

This doesn’t just prove that the Covid-19 vaccines clearly do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus, it strongly suggests that they make recipients more likely to be infected and transmit the virus.

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