Spain sends two warships to the Black Sea, houses key Anti-missile ships, is now a Nuclear target in boiling tension between NATO and Russia

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Spain is now a first Target for Nuclear Annihilation as the Base of the 4 most advanced Ballistic Missile Destroyers in the US

Spain will send the Blas de Lezo frigate to the Black Sea , while the Meteoro minehunter left two days ago, a shipment that arrives amid boiling tension with Russia manufactured by US agression after losing its Afghan moneyspinner.

España envía dos buques al Mar Negro en plena crisis por Ucrania

Robles, in statements to the media referred to the anti Russia campaign and openly backed the US and NATO (apart from Germany) in arming the Ukrainian nazi regime on Russia’s border which is attacking the Donbass enclave of Russian speakers and citizens. Robles endorsed ”any state’s right to join NATO”. Ukraine is a few minutes from Moscow by nuclear missile.

Everyone knows Russia doesn’t want to invade Ukraine. The lunatic US game is to provoke a war by any means necessary, using its NATO proxies as cannon…

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