Spain sends two warships to the Black Sea, houses key Anti-missile ships, is now a Nuclear target in boiling tension between NATO and Russia

Spain is now a first Target for Nuclear Annihilation as the Base of the 4 most advanced Ballistic Missile Destroyers in the US

Spain will send the Blas de Lezo frigate to the Black Sea , while the Meteoro minehunter left two days ago, a shipment that arrives amid boiling tension with Russia manufactured by US agression after losing its Afghan moneyspinner.

España envía dos buques al Mar Negro en plena crisis por Ucrania

Robles, in statements to the media referred to the anti Russia campaign and openly backed the US and NATO (apart from Germany) in arming the Ukrainian nazi regime on Russia’s border which is attacking the Donbass enclave of Russian speakers and citizens. Robles endorsed ”any state’s right to join NATO”. Ukraine is a few minutes from Moscow by nuclear missile.

Everyone knows Russia doesn’t want to invade Ukraine. The lunatic US game is to provoke a war by any means necessary, using its NATO proxies as cannon fodder”.

Caza Eurofighter del Ala 14. Foto Ejército del Aire

Spanish Eurofighters patrolling Russia’s Black Sea border

The ruling US Arms industry and contractors are crying out for a new war, after losing the great ‘trillion dollar banquet’ of the 20 year Afghan occupation.

Hundreds more NATO War Games are imminent on Russia’s borders. The US has invited 60 nations to new ‘Exercises’ near Russia’s Black Sea beaches. The Nato nations are militarizing, with their proud ‘macho moron’ generals forced to order the latest US weapons at mind boggling expense. Cowed by Covid, there is little public outcry until now.

orthodox fascists in Ukraine

KIev is filling up with more weapons and ‘special forces’ than it can handle , more Nato troops are landing in states next to Russia, and new Nuclear missiles are soon to be rolled out.

But this is the ‘kicker’.. Ukraine is now controlled by the west Ukrainian nazis, gearing up with their new weapon gifts to attack the Russian minority in the Donbass enclave, which for centuries was part of Russia.

The last time the European nazis attacked Russia they lost over 27 MILLION Soviet citizens in repulsing them. For the last 30 years NATO has crept closer and closer, until they are militarizing Ukraine, and all bordering states, just a few minutes by nuclear missile from Moscow.

The analogy could be if Texas and California had left a declining USA (like Ukraine left the disbanding USSR) and were courted and joined a Russian Military Pact (like Nato did to Eastern Europe) . And if they were supplied via Russia with missiles and weapons to attack a small group of US rebels holding out in North Texas (like the Russians in Donbass) while calling all the Russian backed states in the region to a military crusade to stop the ‘evil US agressor’ invading Texas.

The analogy is not accurate of course, but it gives an idea of the Russian point of view.

This is ‘Putin’s Red Line’. Nazis shall not pass. Desperate for a capitalist war the US hopes to force Russia to intervene, either way they sell multi billions in armaments, but could just as easily destroy the planet.

Spain is now a first Target for Nuclear Annihilation as the Base of the 4 most advanced Ballistic Missile Destroyers in the US

In the event of the likely war caused by a NATO attack on Ukraine, the Black Sea or Latvia, Russia will have to destroy, in a matter of minutes, first Spain as a base for the advanced US anti ballistic missiles that threaten its original nuclear arsenal.

Since February 2014, the naval base in Rota (Cádiz) has housed four US destroyers as part of the NATO anti-missile shield. And now, the “USS Arleigh Burke” is deployed at the Cadiz base, which is the most technologically advanced destroyer of ballistic missiles that the US Naval Forces has deployed in Europe.

Ucrania: España manda dos buques de guerra al Mar Negro y prepara un  despliegue aéreo en Bulgaria
Crisis de Ucrania: España manda 2 buques de guerra al Mar Negro y prepara un despliegue aéreo en BulgariaWatch

Russia is not the threat, NATO has spent the last 30 years advancing and arming its neighbours against Russia til it has reached its borders. In realityRussia‘has an economy the size of Italy’ , a limited air force, just one ancient aircraft carrier and a single foreign base, in Syria, against the USA’s 750 bases and trillion dollar “defense” budget.

It’s ludicrous to say Russia ‘wants’ bankrupt ‘basket case’ Ukraine, the Russian Federaion is already gigantic, stretching almost to Alaska, with 150 nationalities… Russia is foirced to the edge of eear to protect its citizens innthe Donbass enclave from Ukrainian nazis armed daily by NATO, excepting Germany. The Pentagon and CIA’s idea is to provoke a war, maybe with a false flag attack in Donbass.

España estudia enviar cazas a Bulgaria dentro del plan de la OTAN para  disuadir a Rusia

Russia can only equal the USA in Nuclear Arms. Therefore it would be quickly forced to surrender or go Nuclear. “Limited nuclear war” wouldn’t work either against US air power. The US ‘doctrine’ of limited nuclear war is just for intimidating smaller rivals.

Russia appeals to the far right populists to stop playing with fire. This is partly how the 2nd World War started. Eastern Europe has many ethnic national minorites stranded in nation States that hate them. Hitler’s excuse for invading Poland, for example, was that ethnic Germans were being murdered. As Europe drifts ever more to the Right, attacks and massacres of such minorities can force their parent States to declare the ‘War to End All Wars’..

Russian Embassy in the US urges to STOP “hysteria” and pushing Kiev to “new provocations” in Donbass –

In addition, she recalled that for six years Spain has had more than 300 military in Latvia and at present a squadron of Eurofighters in the huge NATO multinational military forces “patrolling” the Russian Black Sea border.

Ciudad REal20/01/2022 16:50 Actualizado: 20/01/2022 17:18EFE

Los Eurofighter españoles enseñan los dientes a Rusia | Politica | EL PAÍS

Los Eurofighter españoles enseñan los dientes a Rusia | Politica | EL PAÍS

España estudia enviar cazas a Bulgaria dentro del plan de la OTAN para disuadir a RusiaVisi

aviones de combate - Infobae

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Pilots from the 388th and 419th fighter wings taxi F-35As on the runway in preparation for a combat power exercise at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. (Senior Airman Justin Fuchs/U.S. Air Force)

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  1. globalfooling These things are easily said from the comfort of a nice warm room heated by gas.
    But things start to look a little bleaker, and thoughts become more based in reality, if and when the gas supplies suddenly come to an end. Like Reply
NATO members don’t care about thousands of African refugees dying in the Mediterranean, instead choosing to focus on senseless military drills in the Baltic and Black Seas, a former Turkish general said. - Sputnik International
NATO has just held 50 Military Exercises on Russian borders
  1. Rick Rozoff Alexander Lukashenko is again today cited stating he might cut off Russian energy supplies to the rest of Europe. When he said something to the same effect a couple of weeks ago Putin put as much distance as he could between himself and the Belarusian leader, even ominously stating that if the comments were accurate he would need to speak to him. I interpret the situation in a way the opposite of what you intimate: cutting off gas would provide just the casus belli NATO is looking for. I don’t know why, in the face of more than ample evidence, people find it impossible to believe that the U.S. and NATO ***want*** war. Like Reply

thefreeonlineIn fact it seems Germany is the first to ‘Cut Off the Gas’. Citing invented technicalities, they have ‘delayed indefinitely the switching on of the North stream 2 pipeline. The Russian line was filled and ready to go and would have solved Europe’s gas crisis with winter upon us.

  1. globalfooling My observation was based on the idea that this is what will happen when and if the NATO criminals decide to unleash their longed-for war.
    Mr Putin is far too civilized than to do something hot headed, as Lukashenko seems to want to do.
    This is a cold time of year, and those in the western alliance nations need to consider very carefully what they are building up towards. Like
  2. Rick Rozoff “Civilized” enough to allow his nation and its people to become within immediate striking distance of NATO missiles and tactical nuclear bombs? Your comments reinforce my conviction that Putin will throw his CSTO ally Belarus to the wolves as he’s recently done to Armenia.

Doug Hope

What do the Pentagon States of America and NATO have to do to convince their civilian populations they are trying to start a war with Russia.? Bomb Moscow? And it’s always about Russian aggression.


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4 thoughts on “Spain sends two warships to the Black Sea, houses key Anti-missile ships, is now a Nuclear target in boiling tension between NATO and Russia”

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