Shame on Spain: sending heavy weapons to Ukraine to boost Slaughter for their U.S. bosses .. while buying record Russian Gas!

Spain sends heavy weapons to Ukraine due to US pressure, according to Russian expert

june 6, 2022 updated oct 1 2022

The supply of heavy weapons to Kyiv was one of the conditions of the United States for Spain to continue being the organizer of the next NATO summit, declared this Sunday the main researcher of the Imemo Ran Russian Economic Institute, Ekaterina Cherkasova.

The Spanish oligarchy have always supported all of Washington’s execrable crimes against humanity.

But in recent months Spain is playing both sides with total hypocrisy.. see.. Spain leads the purchase of Russian gas as it Gifts arms to Ukraine, sends troops to Russian border – Eng/Esp

The Executive that governs in Spain surprises us more and more. This summer, Spain led the purchase of Russian gas and became the country that entered the most capital in Moscow in the midst of the war in Ukraine.

Here is the proof from the ENAGAS REPORT

The Spanish war minister poses for a photo. Demanding more arms for Ukraine while buying Russian gas.

The U.S. condoned the fascist military coup against the Spanish Republic and Civil War in Spain and supported Military rule for 40 years. But it is hardly necessary for the U.S, to pressure Spain to boost the mayhem in Ukraine by gifting heavy weapons to the far right kleptocratic Ukraine regime.

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Washington controls its subjects via the IMF, World Bank, Dollar hegemony, Swift Trade system, etc and only needs to hint at sanctions, as it has done to Serbia and Hungary for instance, to make the local elite sit up and beg.

Spain is falling over itself to support the U.S. sanctions campaign to strangle everything remotely Russian, though it is Europe, not the US, which faces financial ruin as a consequence.

And militarily, Spain has happily acquiesced to hosting the latest Anti-Ballistic Missiles in its NATO base at Rota. The Spanish public don’t realize this makes them first in line for Nuclear Annihilation. Why? Because the missiles could disable part of Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal when war breaks out.

Putin has warned many times that supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine is a Red Line for War, a Causus Belli, if Ukraine uses them against Russia, as it has for 8 years against the ethnic Russian civilian population of Donbas.

On top of this war provocation Spain in turn led the fleet of Eurofighter jets menacing Russia’s Black Sea borders, and maintains a Spanish NATO army on the Lithuania/Russian border, where the Ukrainian army are to be trained to drive the old tanks and fire the antiquated anti aviation weapons.

“This was one of the preconditions for the NATO summit to be held in Madrid. The US put pressure on Spain, that if it did not supply heavy weapons to Kyiv this summit would be held in another place », Cherkasova. said.

The expert assured us that for Spain, “holding the summit is prestigious, it is related to the general image of the country”. In addition, as of July 1, Spain will be the country that will preside over the EU, they don’t want to look worse than others, generally speaking.

”But all this is very limited”, she specified. ”Compared to other countries, Madrid participates very little in the supply of arms to Ukraine”, she indicated. ”Spain has many problems in North Africa, mainly in relations with Morocco.

The attention of Foreign Affairs and public opinion is directed precisely in that direction. Still, it follows the general line of the European Union and the US with regard to Ukraine.” she asserted.

The researcher called Madrid’s support for Ukraine “a tribute to the Alliance, a common solidarity with the Western community, but this is not a Spanish security issue or a foreign policy priority.”

The newspaper El País, citing sources, reported that Spain was preparing to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons, including Shorad Aspide short-range anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as tanks, in particular the German Leopard armored vehicles.

On April 21, the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced that Spain would double military aid to Kyiv with a new shipment of 200 tons of ammunition, military equipment and vehicles, which left for Ukraine that same day.

Numerous U.S. vassal countries condemn the Russian military operation in Ukraine and support Kyiv with arms supplies, donations, humanitarian aid and sanctions against Moscow, although most of the world refuses to take part or supports Russia.

Russia launched a “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, alleging that the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, previously recognized by Moscow as sovereign states, needed help in the face of “genocide” by Kyiv whose army and nazi battalions killed at least 14,000 in their attacks on Donbas, breaking the Minsk agreements.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, their own military attacks are not directed against civilian installations, but rather seek to disable the war infrastructure and nazi influence.

Russia is slowly winning in “liberating” Donbass, but not in its other stated war aims: Ukraine has received over 50 billion euros of military aid from the NATO countries so the war can continue indefinitely, and the nazi battalions have expanded in size and influence.

Openly Fascist parties remain legal when all other political activity has been shut down under martial law.


Putin Warns again

On Sunday in response to the Biden regime intention to deliver multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine, ones able to strike targets within a range of up to about 50 miles, Putin said the following:
“(D)eliveries of (these weapons aim to perpetuate) armed conflict as long as possible.”
Russia will respond by “strik(ing) (targets in Ukraine) not attacked so far.”
As the empire of lies and its Western vassals up the stakes in Ukraine, Russia will respond appropriately to assure that its SMO goals are achieved.
As for promises by Kiev not to use these rocket systems against Russian territory, the Nazi-infested regime and US paymaster can never be trusted.

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