Spain Portugal and France agree on the MidCat gas pipeline in climate destroying deal.. then Macron punctures the balloon!

The Empire Strikes back. The dangerous US LNG fracking gas will arrive here in central Barcelona tourist-land and be converted from liquid to gas and sent by pipeline all the way to Marseille, which doesn’t need or want it, and at up to 6 times the price of banned Russian gas.

October 20, 2022 by ELCOMUNISTA.NET via thefreeonline

Spain reached an agreement with Portugal and France on the MidCat gas pipeline, declared Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government.

The agreement will replace the MidCat project with a new one between Barcelona and Marseille.

However the Next day Macron defied the EU parliament and Spanish Congress.and said NO WAY. Macron offered instead to OK an undesea hydrogen pipeline from Barcelona to Marseille..Just a face saving sop to Spain as hydrogen is still unviable.

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“We have reached an agreement to replace the MidCat project with a new project that will be called a green energy corridor that will link the Iberian Peninsula to France and, therefore, the European energy market,” said the official.

Sánchez described it as an “exercise of solidarity, of commitment to solidarity with the rest of Europe and that “solidarity is consistent with our commitment to the green energy transition, to the ecological transition.”

“The corridor will serve to transport renewable gas and hydrogen to both sides of the Pyrenees”. he lied, hoping Macron would back down and okay EU funding and commissions to the highly corrupt Spanish energy sector. .

The Midcat gas pipeline is a 3000 million euro FRAUD says EU Report!

On September 6, Sánchez insisted on the laying of the MidCat gas pipeline, despite the fact that the French president, Emmanuel Macron, had rejected the construction of the third gas pipeline with Spain, arguing that the current two have used only 53% of their capacity since last February. , being France the one that supplies the fuel to Spain.


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