The Propaganda Pandemic

Rights and Freedoms

The propaganda pandemic (“They live”/ Twitter)

Published: February 12, 2022 (upd.)

How mass psychosis, PR campaigns, and psychological operations have shaped the pandemic.


Unlike the swine flu“fake pandemic”of 2009, covid has been a real pandemic: global excess mortality since January 2020 currently stands at about20 million deathsor about 16% compared to normal global mortality, caused mostly, thoughnot entirely, by the novel coronavirus. In most countries, the median age of covid deaths turned out to beclose toaverage life expectancy.

Overall, the novel coronavirus has a virulence comparable to a standard influenza virus – similar to the 1957 Asian flu and the 1968 Hong Kong flu, butmuch milderthan the 1918 ‘Spanish flu’ – yet it hit aged populations with widespread metabolic health issues and essentially no pre-existing immunity against this novel virus – in stark contrast to previous…

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