USA Funded and Controlled Bioweapons Development in Ukraine- Illegal Weapons of Mass Destruction?- WMD

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Much info from The Stephen Lendman Blog shared with thanks

You probably heard already the bizarre information that the Covid Vaccine Guru Fauci himself illegally organised moving US funds to Wuhan for banned ‘Gain of Function’ experiments (ie banned attempts to create more lethal viruses).

Bizarre and frightening. But now we find out the US has hundreds of such illegal biowarfare labs around the world.

And what’s more up to 30 of them are/were in Ukraine, with 2 brand new super expensive ones due to be commissioned in Kyiv, and hurriedly dismantled when the war began.

3 0f them are just north of Kiev right in the area of the great push south from the Belarus border to besiege the capital and ostensibly demilitarize and de-natzify Ukraine. .see maps.

Invasion map from 23rd Feb 2022. Comparing with the 1st map you can see the biolabs were already falling…

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