Call Out for support for Ukrainian anti authoritarians and those working with them

From Haringey Solidarity Group

Dear friends and comrades

We have all seen the pictures on TV and social media. We have heard the reports on our radios. We know what’s going on in the Ukraine. And we know what’s happening at the borders of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary & Romania. As anti-authoritarians, anarchists and anti fascists in the UK we need to show our solidarity. Let’s put aside our differences and support comrades in Ukraine and those on the borders giving active solidarity.

There are presently anarchists and anti capitalists in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine, who are setting up anti-authoritarian resistance committees.

After speaking to comrades in the area we know there are people in neighbouring countries trying to get equipment to them.

Speaking to other anarchists outside the Ukraine we also know comrades are doing a lot of support work at the borders as refuges leave Ukraine.


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