Sabotage attacks Prepare Military Invasion by NATO Countries And Ukraine of pro-Russian Transnistria

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Sabotage.. Fears grow over Moldova breakaway region being drawn into Ukraine war ..

In the past week, the situation around the small unrecognised republic of Transnistria, which lies along the Nistru River between Moldova and Ukraine, has sharply escalated.

Ukrainian saboteurs have staged several terrorist attacks on the territory of the republic. Hostile forces are being drawn towards Transnistria.
From the west, NATO units are moving towards Moldova’s borders.

If a few days ago there was information about redeployment of Romanian and Polish units, according to the latest information, large units of the USA, Portugal and other NATO countries are also moving. There are no NATO troops on Moldovan territory yet.

Tik Tok video showing huge amounts of military equipment on lorries.

From the east, AFU troops and a group of thousands of foreign mercenaries, including at least 1,000 fighters from the Turkish far-right organisation Grey Wolves, Canadian, Croatian units and fighters from Scandinavian countries, are concentrated.

Explosions hit Transnistria, a Russian-allied region
  • (One aim of the coming attack on unlucky Transnistria is to open a second front, forcing Russia to intervene and split its campaign.)

On 29 April, Ukrainian and Russian sources reported that Ukrainian President Zelenski allegedly offered Russia, through closed channels, to exchange Nazis from Azovstal for de-escalation in Transnistria.

If this information is true, such an offer should only be perceived as an attempt to obtain additional benefits before the start of hostilities in the Transnistrian region.

During the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which has lasted more than 8 years, Kiev has not fulfilled any commitments on significant issues.

On 29 April, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry urged compatriots to leave Moldova in view of the “difficult situation” in the country and around Transnistria.

Preparation Of Military Operation By NATO Countries And Ukraine Against Transnistria

Following Bulgaria, the US, Canadian, French, German, British and Israeli authorities advised their citizens not to enter Transnistria and, if possible, to leave Moldova.

It is noteworthy that the Moldovan leadership is trying its best to avoid opening hostilities in the region. Chisinau understands that the outbreak of hostilities in Transnistria will lead to a war on the territory of Moldova itself.

Also, Chisinau has no alternative to Russian gas, which the republic receives at a fixed price, much lower than the market one. A large number of Moldovan citizens are working in the Russian Federation.

At the same time, Moldova’s political leadership is not independent in its decision-making. If Washington orders a military operation against Transniestria, Chisinau will be forced to obey.

Poland plans to occupy west Ukraine.

Part of Western Ukraine was Polish territory up to the 2nd World War

On 28 April, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Naryshkin, said that Washington and Warsaw were planning to deploy a Polish “peacekeeping contingent” in the western part of Ukraine. Today, the FIS said that Naryshkin’s statement was not a version, but intelligence information obtained from several reliable sources.

“According to information received by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Washington and Warsaw are working on plans to establish tight military and political control over ‘their historical possessions’ in Ukraine,” Foreign Intelligence Service spokesman Sergei Naryshkin said.

According to the FIS, the first stage of the “reunification” should be the introduction of Polish troops into the western regions of Ukraine under the guise of their “protection against Russian aggression”.

Preparation Of Military Operation By NATO Countries And Ukraine Against Transnistria

Modalities for the upcoming mission are being discussed with the Biden administration. “According to preliminary agreements, it will take place without a NATO mandate, but with the participation of ‘willing states’. Warsaw has not yet been able to agree on potential participants in a ‘coalition of like-minded’,” the FIS said.

At the same time, the FIS pointed out, the Polish leadership is not interested in “unnecessary spies” in its operation. “The so-called peacekeeping contingent is planned to be deployed in those parts of Ukraine where the threat of direct clash with the Russian Armed Forces is minimal.

And the priority “combat tasks” of the Polish military will include gradual interception of control over strategic objects located there from the National Guard of Ukraine.

Polish special services are already searching for “agreeable” representatives of the Ukrainian elite to form a Warsaw-oriented “democratic” counterweight to the nationalists,” the FIS said in its report.

According to the Polish administration’s estimates, a preventive entrenchment in western Ukraine is highly likely to split the country. Warsaw will essentially gain control of the territories where “Polish peacekeepers” will enter.

Essentially, it is an attempt to repeat the historical “deal” for Poland after the First World War, when the collective West, represented by the Entente, recognized Warsaw’s right first to occupy part of the Ukraine to protect its population from the “Bolshevik threat”, and then to incorporate those territories into the Polish state.

The events that followed were a clear illustration of the colonial order and forced polonisation as the main methods of building a ‘Greater Poland’,” the FIS concluded.

In May 2022, Warsaw announced large-scale military exercises, mainly in the northern regions of the country. At the same time, exercises by NATO countries are planned in the region.

Queues to leave Transnistria

Apparently the Polish Armed Forces will be ready to conduct a military operation in Ukraine near the end of May. During the same period, we should expect a dramatic escalation of the situation around Transnistria.


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