Russian brokered Damascus/SDF Agreement Ends Sieges on Kurds and on Syrians in Hasakah + Raqqa clans Reconciliation

Sources: sdf1 – and South Front

Zalal Jager: With spirit of resistance of Sheikh Maqsoud, we can liberate all occupied territories

The Damascus government and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reached an agreement to de-escalate and end siege on several areas in northern and northeastern Syria.

People of Sheikh Maqsoud, Ashrafieh neighborhoods denounced stifling siege by Damascus government on the Kurdish enclave in Aleppo 17 Apr 2022, Sun – 18:14

Sheikh Maqsoud is a Kurdish enclave within Aleppo City which successfully resisted both the occupation of the city by western and Turkish backed Islamic Rebels, and the shelling, storming and recapture by the Damascus government.

The Russian brokered agreement to lift the new siege by the Syrian Arab Army (Damascus) is an excellent omen for an eventual peace agreement with the AANES autonomous multi-ethnic government of Rojava and NE Syria, defended by the SDF.

Syrian government forces lifted its siege of the SDF-held district of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo city. On April 28, trucks loaded with wheat and other supplies entered the district coming through government-held areas without facing any problems.

Damascus forces prevent medicine from entering Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh
13 Apr 2022, Wed – 12:50

The Syrian Arab Army besieged Sheikh Maqsoud exactly 46 days ago in response to an alleged attack by militants hiding in the district.

26 days into the government siege on Sheikh Maqsoud, the SDF besieged the government-held security zones in al-Hasakah city and the town of al-Qamishli.

Governor of al-Hasakah, Major General Ghassan Halim Khalil, confirmed to al-Watan newspaper on April 28 that the SDF had lifted its siege off the security zones, saying that the situation in al-Hasakah city and al-Qamishli will return to normal.

200,000 citizens were deprived of a loaf of bread in Sheikh Maqsoud
05 Apr 2022, Tue – 11:35

The Damascus-SDF agreement was reportedly brokered by Russia, which has been working nonstop to de-escalate tensions between the two sides.

The agreement came amid a Turkish escalation against Syrian government forces and the SDF.

In the last few weeks, the Turkish military and its proxies carried out many attacks in northern and northeastern Syria. Both government forces and the SDF are being targeted.

Ankara may be bracing to launch a new operation in northern and northeastern Syria. Damascus and the SDF will have to work together to prevent such an escalation.

​​​​​​​Zalal Jager: With spirit of resistance of Sheikh Maqsoud, we can liberate all occupied territories


Support SouthFrontBy sdf1 On Apr 27, 2022


SDF Public Relation Office and Tribal Leaders Hold Reconciliation between two clans in Raqqa

By sdf1 SDF Public Relation Office On Apr 27,

Be virtue of the efforts exerted by the SDF Public Relation Office, the Civil public relation, and the tribal leaders of the Raqqa, a reconciliation was held between the clans of al-Marandia and al-Jibara after three-month-long dispute due to killing a man of one of the clans in Raqqa Samra village, east of Raqqa.

SDF Public Relation Office and Tribal Leaders Hold Reconciliation between two clans in Raqqa

The reconciliation meeting was attended by leaders from the SDF and ISF and tribal leaders and dignitaries and a large number of civilians. li al-Saleh, a member in SDF Public Relation Office in Euphrates Region, delivered a speech on behalf of SDF in which he welcomed the attendees and thanked everyone has contributed in this reconciliation, putting an end to the dispute.

The two clans start returning to their homes after resolving the three-month-long dispute.

29 Apr 2022, Turkey reduces again water supply to Hasaka city– ​​​​​​​As usual, Turkey and its mercenaries reduce the water supply to Hasaka city

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07 Apr 2022, Thu – 05:21

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