Coming Collapse of the Euro and Banks..When How Why? What it means for us?

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Info summarized from: The collapsing euro and its implications, by Alasdair Macleod ..shared with thanks.. via thefreeonline

There’s lots of speculation nowadays about the fall of the US Dollar and consequently the US Empire. But that’s a far off scenario compared to the imminent European catastrophe.

a) Right now the EU’s economy is teetering on the edge of a financial and economic catastrophe, due to exercising its political agendas despite any economic mayhem created.

“The financial consequences stem partly from bank exposure to Russian entities, but far more important is the effect of soaring producer and consumer prices on the entire Eurozone financial structure. The euro system has depended on redistributing wealth from Germany and the fiscally conservative northern states to bail out the poorer south using suppressed interest rates. That scheme is now kaput”.

Now that Eurozone Inflation (CPI) is rising at 8.6% and Germany’s producer prices are up…

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