Monkeypox has killed five people worldwide! Naturally it’s declared a global emergency!

How can just one person overrule all advice and declare A World Health Emergency on the basis of just 5 suspect deaths and billion$$ profits for his Big Pharma friends.??

It just happened!?

Because he’s an insanely ambitious criminal working for the Great Reset.

Malaria deaths increased by 12% to an estimated 627 000 last year. Yet just 5 suspect deaths of a mild condition so so similar to a known Covid Vaccine side effect (Shingles) are a World Fear Porn Money Scam.

Yes, there are suddenly more cases, but only in countries where they’re doing mass testing, and often with useless PCR tests.

Tedros Adhanom , the darling of the MSM and Big Tech, was known as an international criminal long before his appointment to WHO Director General.

His rapid rise to the top of the directorship of the WHO began after his “collaboration” with Bill Gates and the Clinton Foundation .

Running some analytics on Tedros’s activity between 1991-2018 shows conduct riddled with fraud, corruption, the worst forms of human right abuses, and scandals. Really!

Aisle C

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

As 16,000 cases have been reported worldwide, the World Health Organization said that the spike is still concentrated among gay men The World Health Organization on Saturday declared the global spread of monkeypox a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’, one level below the pandemic status assigned to Covid-19. There have now been 16,000 cases…


Although some African strains of monkeypox can kill 3-6% of those they infect, the current outbreak appears significantly milder. According to Tedros, the disease has killed only five people worldwide so far. 

Monkeypox spread declared global emergency — RT – Daily news

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