US and Israel using Irani Women’s Rebellion to activate funded Terrorists – as they did in Syria

Is it a coincidence that the abhorrent ISIS terrorist massacre happened on the same day as the climax massive Womens Uprising demos in Irani Kurdistan? Or that now suddenly terrorists on motorbikes upen fire at random?

The words you chant – Zan, Zindagi, Azaadi – are beloved and familiar, belonging to the lexicon of some of our many languages.In solidarity with the Iranian people fighting for democracy and justice: Ayesha Kidwai & Nivedita Menon

We think not. The US and proxies have been trying go destroy the Irani Regime for 2 generations, driving it into a militarised police state.

Now finally Iran is beginning to be supported by Russia and China, and Israel and the US, (with its over $ One Trillion attack budget), are desperate to unleash their long held plans to create mayhem, civil war and an excuse for “humaitarian intervention”.

Just as they tried to do in Syria, Libya, Iraq… .. etc.

While supporting the Uprising against the entrenched Islamic Regime we should find ways to promote the movement also against US/Israeli sanctions, terrorist funding, etc

It is a mistake to naively demand that Irani women accept the trap of the controlled false media image of Western feminism or to totally reject the customs of Iran’s many ethnic cultures.

The US obviously cares nothing for Irani women, just using their struggle as a divisive war weapon, as they did for 20 years to Afghani women, before abandoning them.

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Iran accuses Israel and Western intelligence services of… Iran‘s foreign minister accused Israel and Western intelligence services of planning to divide Iran and start a civil war on Thursday, a day after seven people were killed in the southwestern city of Izeh in what state media presented as a “terrorist attack“.

Terrorist attack in southwestern Iran leaves at least five..

terrorist attack in the southwestern city of Izeh, Khuzestan province, has left at least five people dead. … Later on October 26, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced in a statement that its forces have arrested 26 Takfiri terrorists for involvement in the attack. The statement said that the detainees were nationals of  Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan…

2017 Tehran attacks – Wikipedia The terrorists reportedly served in a clandestine cell linked to Wahhabi-related networks.[9] Some Iranian officials have accused the American, Israeli, and Saudi governments of being behind the attacks.[10][11][12]. On June 13, the Commander of Iran‘s…

Foreign backed terrorism in Iran: Part one -US/Israeli … – the Saker During Saddam’s 8 year war on Iran they were backed and armed by Iraqi security forces, often resorting to terrorist attacks, killing many innocent people in the process. While this group was effectively defeated, it has nonetheless survived as it was sheltered by the Saddam regime and recently have found refuge in Albania.

@medyanews K Star call women to join women’s uprising in Rojhilat and Iran
Kongra Star called on all women in the world, organizations and personalities calling for freedom and democracy to join and support the uprising of women in Rojhilat and Iran, and strongly condemned the murder of Gina Amini by the Iranian authorities.

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In Syria, the United StatesIsrael, and Jordan supported the Muslim Brotherhood in a civil war against Syria. … 2nd, Israeli democracy is a democracy for the jews and other ethnics are discriminated immensely …all those terrorists organizations that you mentioned are the creation of the US and Israel accept Hizbollah which…

Why aren’t there many terrorist attacks reported in Most of the terrorist attacks in Iran are funded by either American or Israeli intelligence agencies. … Now if we look at it from this angle, Iran would not be a state sponsoring terrorism. If we conclude that Iran supports terrorism and condemn them for it, we would have to condemn many other…

Iran condemns terrorist attack in New York :.. ..The USA, that funds various Sunni extremist groups that both the US and Iran consider terrorist groups. see Syria for example, where certain groups like Division 13 got important anti armor weapons since they were cool but Al Qaeda (rebranded as Al Nusra and…

Why Israel can correctly be described as a terrorist state. serendipity. Israel has been a terrorist state from its beginning, and has its foundations in terrorism. Three Israeli prime ministers were or are terrorists: Menachim Begin took part in terrorist acts in the 1940s, including the attack on the King David Hotel which killed 91 people. Begin ordered … the destruction of the..

see also Decoding the Pentagon’s online war against Iran|.. Meet Masih Alinejad, Washington’s weapon of choice ..

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USIsrael behind terror attack in southeastern Iran ..US, the Israeli regime and their regional allies who nurture Takfiri terrorists were behind Wednesday’s attack according to Iran … The Lebanese Foreign Ministry also condemned the terrorist attack, expressed solidarity with the Iranian nation and government, and offered condolences to the families of the victims. 

Alleged Israel attack on Iran drone facility is expansion of war…
The alleged Israeli building that Iran attacked in Erbil, Iraq. … alleged targeting of Iran by Israel was limited to cyber attacks – in retaliation for Iranian attempts to harm Israeli infrastructure, such as the attempt to damage water systems in Israel two years ago . 4 View gallery. A destroyed building in the…

 ‘cyberattack’ blamed for explosions at Iran nuclear site cyberattack caused explosions at Iran nuclear site – and was in retaliation for Tehran’s attempt to hack Israel‘s water infrastructure’. … ‘There are physical and financial damages and we are investigating to assess,’ Kamalvandi told Iranian state television. ‘Furthermore, there has been no interruption in..

Israel escalates efforts to get US to attack Iran, as it did Iraq Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett phoned US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to pressure him on Iran.

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