TwittyMusk bans Antifa accounts to boost Far Right

Based on a report from a banned news agency 28 Nov, 2022 via thefreeonline

Musk has faced criticism for laying off thousands of employees since his takeover of Twitter, with some claiming that the platform is now becoming a hotbed for so-called “hate speech” and right-wing extremism.

A number of prominent Antifa-affiliated accounts were suspended on Twitter over the weekend for violating the platform’s terms of service, after Elon Musk decided to take a stand against incitement to violence.

Last week, the billionaire asked his 119 million followers which issues Twitter needed to address urgently.

Nazi troll Andy Ngo pointed out radical Antifa accounts that continued to operate on the platform, accusing them out of context for defending citizens against fascist attacks by Hitler worshippers. Ngo claimed without evidence that anti fascist twitterites “promote riots, give tips on how to commit violent crimes, doxing”

Musk adopted Ngo’s remarks to himself attack people violently without warning by saying “incitement to violence will result in account suspension” and called it “very concerning” saying falsely that Twitter had taken no action until now, despite the clear violations of its rules.

On Friday, several Antifa-affiliated accounts were blocked from the platform, including the outstanding community defence and publishing outfit CrimethInc group, Ngo claimed ludicrously that Crimethinc“operates like ISIS” by spreading propaganda and training materials to “radicalize militants toward violence.” 

The group has always given welcome support to the Black Lives Matter resistance against institutionalized racism in the US

Crimethinc published a tongue in cheek ‘strategy guide’ ahead of the 2020 presidential election including must-read fashion advice, first aid for common injuries from violent attacks from police weapons and instructions on how to best use leaf blowers, shields and helmets in self defense.

Antifa responded to their suspension with a statement saying they had been banned at the urging of “a far-right troll,” a reference to the execrable Ngo, and added they had “never been suspended or received a warning throughout fourteen years of Twitter administrations.”

Later that day the MSM media discovered, ‘oh horror’ that an “Antifa activist” in Portland, Oregon posted calls for “actions” at Tesla dealerships across the US, asserting with plenty of evidence that “fascist Elon Musk has chosen his side in history aligning with fascists and white supremacy.”

A picture of a burning car, OMG! .. was said to accompany the tweet and the Twitterite bot ‘has since been suspended’.

Musk has faced criticism for laying off half of the company’s workforce, including the teams responsible for communications, content ‘curation’, human rights, and AI ethics, as well as charging users for Twitter’s verification feature, with many now claiming that the platform is now becoming a hotbed for so-called “hate speech” and right-wing extremism.

The billionaire, has insisted, while lurching to the far right as expected, that the company remains dedicated to monitoring violent content and will never allow open calls to violence or other posts that break the laws protecting the US regime.

“Twitter will be a forum for the peaceful exchange of views,” Musk wrote, adding that despite his hateful sackings and suspensions, the actual rate of hateful comments on the site is now lower than it was before his takeover, and a true reflection of hatefulness in US society.

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