NATO, West and Russia okay Genocide and Imperial Colonisation by Turkish dictator in NE Syria..

info from ANF , SOHR, Kongra Star, @RojavaIC and thefreeonline

Turkish forces are finally lining up to again invade and occupy Syria, and incredibly are vowing to first attack Tal Rifaat in the Shebha canton where up to 175,000 mainly Kurdish refugee families from their last invasion of Afrin are still camped out. .

Because these people will not lie down. Because they live, work and fight in common with complete equality for women and smaller communities..

Turkey’s boasted genocide invasion is clearly more evil than Russia’s war to defend ethnic Russians in Donbass..”.

Yet the West and Russia are giving Erdogan their airspace bombing permission, each cowed by blatant Turkish blackmail. With 85% inflation and a soaring trade deficit Erdogan is playing the ‘Nazi Nationalist Card’ to win next year’s elections

Erdogan to attack 170,000 refugees from his earlier invasion. Where will they go? Aerial photo – a camp in Al-Shehba, Tal Rifaat, the largest displaced camps, in northern Aleppo countryside.

In our name, we are becoming again guilty and party to ethnic cleansing, attempted genocide, racist terrorism and crimes against humanity.

Why Why Why? The 2nd biggest NATO army bombs and shells night and day and deploys its tanks, drones and jets with its jihadi mercenaries to invade and ‘Turkify’ 5 big refugee camps of families that it already expelled once from Afrin. Families who survive constant blockades, drone and Artillery attacks...”

Yet another invasion; To grab more territory forever. To massacre or expel the refugees from their last land grab, as well as the local Kurdish, Yazidi, Christian, Assyrian and Arab population.

3rd July 2022, ANHA photos..Local children dare to throw stones as thousands of jihadi mercenaries gather like rabid jackals to loot kill rape and kidnap 170,000 refugees from Evil Erdogan’s 2018 conquest and ethnic genocide in Afrin. All trapped in the small enclave of Tal Rifaat in Shebha

To steal their property and lands and give them to Turkish colonizers and Turkiye’s Jihadi mercenaries in lieu of pay. To annihilate all Kurdish culture, education and history and enforce the Turkish language, money and government.

This is no exaggeration. There is no question about it. It’s the 4th time they have done it already.

Ask anyone from the formerly peaceful rural canton of Afrin, and they’ll tell you, amid weeping, of crimes worse than Hitler ever did.

Ask any survivors what became of their daughters and sons who were martyred by the blitzkrieg of NATO’s second largest army, as the West , Russia and our propaganda media looked away.

Ask the bereft families of the international volunteers who were murdered by Erdogan in Afrin..

Barin Kobane-Avesta Xabur-Anna Campbell-our-heroes-murdered by Turkish invasion in-Afrin

In that “Operation” 600 defenders were martyred and 226 citizens were murdered, among them 52 children. And our dead comrades Anna Campbell, Oliver Francois, Haukur Hilmarsson, S. Shevger Makhno, Samuel Prada Leon…


NATO okays Turkish genocide of 170K trapped Afrin refugees in Tell Rifaat/Shebha enclave

Turkish genocide approved by depraved NATO with okay to attack 170,000 Kurdish refugees in Tal Rifaat/Shebha enclave..

August 2022 from ANF , SOHR, Kongra Star, @RojavaIC … via thefreeonline

Because these people will not lie down. Because they live, work and fight in common with complete equality for women and smaller communities, Yazidis, Christians, Arabs and others trapped here. Because by genociding Kurds Erdogan might win the looming elections. Because NATO will let him…

On the other hand, Erdogan has called out his badly paid jihadi mercenaries, all men in strict hierarchies, without their women servants, all subscribing to unreformed medievil scripts- death to gays, lesbians, trans, shia arabs, but especially Kurds.

Tal Rifaat is host to a Kurdish-majority population of civilians expelled with the loss of everything, from Afrin, a region that Turkey and its proxy Syrian militants occupied with a bloodbath since 2018.

Back in February 2016, Kurdish-backed forces had taken the nearby town of Tal Rifaat from ISIS rebel groups.

Around 170,000 displaced Kurds from Afrin (Efrîn) fled to Tal Rifaat during Turkey’s 2018 invasion and the chaotic occupation of the Afrin region by assorted Turkish sponsored terrorist groups who had been made redundant after sweeping gains by the Damascus regime.

Afrin, al-Shahba people protest against occupation …

Turkey has threatened on several occasions to launch a cross-border offensive to capture Tal Rifaat. So far, Russia and Iran have deterred such action.

However, Turkish-backed groups, and Turkish army in the nearby Azaz HQ, regularily pound the area wirth artillery and drones, targeting civilians in 4 large massacres.

The attacks continue amid ongoing tensions between Kurdish-led forces of the AANES autonomous revolutionary administration(SDF) and Turkey.

3rd July 22.. Gathering for a Nato backed genocide: Turkish-paid SNA jihadi militias line up military forces near Syria’s Tal Rifaat for a new NATO backed War Crime against 170,000 trapped revolutionary refugees.

The Shehba (Shabha) camps have been self organised horizontally on the model of the Rojava revolution, with equality for all races and especially women, and all kinds of communally organized production, facilities and initiatives.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 160536_sehba-zaroken-efrine-9.jpg

ANF | Report on the refugees from Afrin in Shehba published

Kurdish officials and media have shown that that Damascus the regime has imposed sieges on pockets of territory belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Shahba district – home to hundreds of thousands of Kurds who fled the Turkish invasion of Afrin in early 2018 – and the Ashrafiyah and Sheikh Maqsoud Kurdish neighborhoods in Aleppo.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 160536_sehba-zaroken-efrine-3.jpg

Culture-Art Center opened in al-Shahba – ANHA | HAWARNEWS .Two thousand children from the Afrin region in Kurdish, Arab and Yezidi, aged between 6 and 12 years, gathered with their teachers in Serdam camp in Al-Ahdath district of Al-Shahba canton to participate in the drawing of the world’s longest painting.

What are Robar, al-Shahba camps children’s demands? | ANHA

ANF | People in Rojava take to the streets again

In October 2019, after Turkey attacked Kurdish forces in northern Syria, the US and Russia reached separate ceasefire agreements with Turkey to stop the fighting between Kurdish-backed forces and Turkish-backed rebels.

Despite this shelling by Turkish-backed groups and drone strikes by the Turkish army have continued to target Kurdish-led forces and civilians.

Now, along with Manbij, Shebha/Tal Rifaat is incredibly targeted for annihilation by Turkey and proxies. For this they need Russian airspace permission, (which they got in thge Afrin takeover in 2018 by signing the Turkstream 2 gas pipeline).

This time round Russia can ill afford to prevent a massacre of women and children refugees. Because Turkey holds the key to preventing a NATO takeover of the Black Sea, because they could close Turkstream 2, … etc.

Tal Rifaat/Shebha is defended by the makeshift multi ethnic SDF forces To the south is Damascus regime territory, and urgent pleas for help have led to a buildup by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), despite their anti Kurd hostility.


And what about the USA? The SDF is in theory supported by them but only sometimes and against ISIS . The USA stood idly by in the Afrin invasion, for instance, as Turkey use the NATO base in Incirlik to blast the Afrin (Efrîn) resistance with US made jets and German made tanks. Now of course NATO (The US) cannot say boo to Turkey without delaying Nordic accession.

Thousands of people joined a demonstration in Tel Rifaat town of the Shehba Canton on Sunday 10th Nov 2019 in protest at the Turkish state’s invasion and genocidal practices in northern Syria. 40% of the population of Efrin (Afrin) now survive in a semi no-man’s land, defended by the multi-ethnic SDF of AANES, after expulsion by the Turkish invasion, plantation and Turkification of their homes and properties
Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire – Foreign Policy
Putin is condemned worldwide for ‘Imperialism’ after invading Donbas to protect ethnic Russians. Meanwhile, Turkey is rewarded for doing infinitely worse, openly committing and advocating genocide to restore the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan’s projected Turkish/Nato Empire includes parts of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Cyprus, Armenia, Bulgaria and Greece, and ambitions across Asia to parts of China, large areas of Russia North Africa and even Crimea… Ottoman Empire | Haritalar, Harita …
On December 2, 2019, for example, eight Kurdish children died in an intentional attack by Turkish mercenaries against Tell Rifaat, in the north west of Syria. All of them were under fifteen years old. Tell Rifaat is home to many of the Kurdish refugees from the Efrîn (Afrin) canton, currently occupied by Syrian, Turkish and Mercenary Troops. Three adult civilians also died in the attack.
July 3, 2022

Xelîl: (a Kurdish politician).. NATO gives green light for Turkish occupation attack.. “If NATO had not actively supported the Turkish state, the Kurdish people would be in a different situation today and would have already realised their wishes for freedom”.

3 Jul 2022 Turkey already bombing villages in Shehba Canton

ANF .. SHEHBA Sunday, 3 Jul 2022, 08:22 … According to the information received from the region, the Turkish state is currently bombing the villages of Bêlûniyê and Eyn Deqnê in Shehba Canton and the surroundings of Tell Rifaat district.

Osman Khalaf the co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) condemned “the double international standards in dealing with the Kurds and their cause, because “whoever defeated the terrorism led by ISIS and sacrificed the lives of thousands of its young children in order for the world to live in peace, does not deserve all of this denial of the world.”

08 Feb 2021, KOBANE – AL-SHAHBA Dozens of members of the Revolutionary Youth Movement gathered in coordination with the Kongra Star in Ahdath district in al-Shahba canton in the district park, carrying the picture of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the flags of the Kongra Star, and the flags of the Revolutionary Youth Movement

‘First objective in any Turkish campaign in Syria will be Tall Rifat’ says journalist

Amed Dicle, a journalist specialising in the region, estimates that Turkey will probably launch a large scale military campaign in northern Syria in July, and that Russia has already given its consent.

Dicle said that the remarks of the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov about Turkey’s involvement in Syria was an indication of a possible agreement between Russia and Turkey.

“Because Turkey needs Russia in Syria, and Russia needs Turkey,” he said. “The Ukrainian issue did not have a negative impact on relations between Turkey and Russia, as is widely presumed.”

Dicle added that the United States was also likely to give a green light for the illegal genocidal Turkish invasion.

Intensive rocket attack |Turkish forces shell Al-Sajour areas in Manbij countryside east of Aleppo amid flight by Russian warplanes On Jul 3, 2022

SOHR activists have reported that Turkish forces stationed at bases in “Euphrates Shield” area have carries out intensive rocket fire on the villages of Yalini and Mohsenli and other areas on “Al-Sajur Line” in Manbij countryside, east of Aleppo.

] The FSA units (Turkish jihadi proxy militias)in the zone have accepted the Istanbul-based “Syrian Islamic Council” as religious authority.[36] TFSA fighters are paid salaries by the Turkish government, though the falling value of Turkish lira began to cause resentment among the TFSA by mid-2018. One fighter noted that “when the Turkish lira began to lose value against the Syrian pound our salaries became worthless”.[2]

The Siege of Shebha

The siege imposed by Damascus Government on al-Shehba, the Syrian Government has been starving the people of al-Shehab and Afrin since 4 years, where the refugees exceed 150,000, including, the indigenous people, they are living in 5 camps and semi-destroyed houses.”

.Five injured in Turkish attack on Tel Rifat. Children have again been injured by Turkish attacks in Tel Rifat in the northern Syrian region of Shehba The attack on Til Rifat took place during protests marking the anniversary of Abdullah Öcalan’s abduction to Turkey on 15 February 1999. Drones were observed over the region.

And added ” The siege has doubled the suffering in getting the diesel, gas, medicinal aids, baby milk, flour and other foodstuffs, as this violates the principles of international humanitarian law, as well as the 1977 Additional Protocols annexed to the four Geneva Conventions as well as under Rule 53 of the Law.”

2 July، 2022 Raqqa, SANA- Turkish occupation mercenaries of terrorist organizations reattacked the residential areas in Raqqa northern countryside, causing material damage to the locals’ properties.


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