Ukraine War Day #295: Can American Patriots Cover Ukrainian Sky?. At $3m a round counter flocks of cheap Russian Drones in a real war?

Awful Avalanche

Dear Readers:

File this under the category, “Still more junk to send into that Junk Yard that is the Ukraine”.

This week we learned that the U.S. most likely will provide Ukraine with Patriot Air-Defense Missile complexes. You can find additional info in this RT story, in English. I also saw this excellent technical analysis by Brian Berletic:

From the Russian mainstream press, I have this piece by reporters Darya Volkova and Evgeny Pozdnyakov.

It could happen as early as next week, according to Westie media such as CNN and the Washington Post. Russian analysts are pretty sure that the final decision has already been made behind the scenes.

A Patriot battery consists of up to 8 launchers, each of which contains 4 rockets ready to launch. Russian media has not yet been able to determine, just how many of these batteries will be shipped to the Ukraine…

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