The Day the Music Died: “You’ll own nothing, and be happy.” Ha ha ha.

by Todd Hayen from via thefreeonline

“You’ll own nothing, and be happy.” I wonder if Schwab regrets saying that.

Photo by Nicholas Nguyen on Unsplash

Actually the phrase originated in 2016 from Danish MP Ida Auken’s essay “Welcome to 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, and Life has Never Been Better” written for the World Economic Forum.

Not sure why the WEF would embrace such a seemingly derogatory message. But they did (although it is no longer found on their website).

The phrase caught on and Schwab has been inextricably linked to the expression. Sounds like something just about any of those WEF Cretans would say.

I am pretty certain Schwab’s Best Boy Harari adores the concept. You can obviously see how demented anyone who seriously utters this is. You would have to be demented if you are thinking people would nod their head and exclaim “can’t wait!”

Schwab must think it is something people are excited about. A man totally out of touch with the people he wants to enslave. He probably honestly thinks he is a nice grandpa to his people, or maybe, as this statement suggests, he couldn’t care less what the useless eaters think.

Of course most of the world couldn’t care less what Klaus Schwab thinks. Most of the world doesn’t even know who he is, or what the WEF have planned for all of us. Many people in less optimum settings are too busy trying to feed their starving children or finding a roof to put over their heads. Look at the continent of Africa, almost entirely vaccine free.

What are they thinking? I doubt if it has much to do with “not owning anything”—they already don’t own anything, most of them at least. Are they happy?—many of them are probably happier than a lot of people who have a lot more.

Unless they have been exploited by the West mining for lithium, or sucking the oil out of their soil and souls, or destroying their land with other versions of rape, or whatever. They might be happier in their simple, non-materialist, ways. Let’s hope somebody is.

It is interesting that Schwab would claim this statement. Doing so he makes an assumption that everyone will even want to own things. That is a pretty materialist assumption. Of course everyone wants to own things, people want to own everything, right?

Schwab thinks they just want to have everything, not actually own anything. Owning things is a hassle. He is planning on taking care of that for people. Nice guy.

The WEF put out a video at some time based on Auken’s essay. Follow this link or see below to take a look at it. You’ve probably already seen it. Isn’t it lovely? Oh, what a beautiful world! Can’t wait.

Once again these ideas are presented as “good things.” I really do not know if I understand things correctly about the WEF touting Auken’s article, because she doesn’t present the future dystopia as all that yummy, although she ends up saying it is best, or at least better than the world we live in now. At any rate, the video, to my eyes, is rather chilling.

I would bet money that many of the people I know personally who are on that compliance side of the fence would view this video and then rave about the wonderful brave new world that awaited us in the future…no pollution, no war, no meat, fun trips to Mars, computer printed organs if our God given ones go kaput…what fun.

It is astounding to me, once again, that people don’t see the true meaning behind such a presentation. Maybe more do than I think, but my gut tells me no. It seems that most people drool for this techno-totalitarian carrot that is dangled in front of them. Or worse yet, they don’t even know it is being dangled. They just get up every morning and see what sort of world they are living in that day.

If they can’t buy meat, for example, they may grumble a bit, but will eat the bugs that are offered instead. If they are not allowed to own something, and have to rent it instead, they just follow the lead, blindly, and have no concept of the enclosing trap they are settling into.

Life goes on. Convenience always trumps quality. No one screams from his or her apartment window, “I’m mad as hell, and I am not going to take this anymore!”

Take computer software and music for example. You no longer own either one.

Now, software and music are intellectual property, so you never really owned them, which meant you couldn’t replicate them and sell them yourself (or give them away). Because of the past simplicity of the world back a couple of years it wasn’t possible to duplicate these things easily. People certainly tried: software hacking, music duplication (remember Napster?)

These attempts were so prominent people thought that stealing intellectual property was just the way you got this stuff if you were smart and didn’t want to pay a fortune for it. But before you could do such things, you still had the convenience of owning the material it was embedded in. If you didn’t duplicate it illegally, you could still give away a vinyl record, or a CD (remember them?) or a book.

You had the right to keep the material forever, to keep it in an old box, or on a bookshelf, always there and ready to pull down and listen to, read, or fire up on your computer. No one but you controlled what you paid good money for. Not anymore. You never owned the copyright, but now you don’t even own the packaging the software or music, or whatever, comes in.

Are you happy?

Sure you are. Streaming is convenient, and seems cheaper, your music and software is always up to date, you don’t have to store it. You don’t own any part of it now, but so what. Never mind that music’s quality is reduced. They made certain you wouldn’t notice that by essentially destroying the high-end audio business and basically “forcing” you to wear tiny crap ear buds to listen to the mp3 shit quality music.

CDs, which are a relic now, played back music at a high-quality 44.1khz sample rate. Although mp3’s now claim to be indistinguishable from a high quality CD or music DVD, you still won’t get the quality listening to them through cheap ear buds and crappy iPhone audio processing. It’s all part of the plan folks—all part of the plan…

So what? Well, music and software (which is also largely rented now) is nothing compared to renting your home, your car, your clothes, your furniture, and whatever else you can think of that you at one time actually owned.

But it is a start, and it is basically the way things now are. Again, so what? Well, if you peel off just a few layers, you will clearly see the “so what”…owning property is the first tenet of freedom, for one. And owning nothing certainly puts control into the hands of whomever it is who owns the thing you rent. Oh, no, no, no, no one would ever be that evil.

No one would ever turn my heat off in my rented house if I was using too much of it, or render my rented car useless if I had to go out one too many times to get baby formula, or actually force me to move out of my abode because my neighbourhood had gone over its quota of white folks (or whatever shade you are). No, that’s crazy, that’s conspiracy crap, I don’t buy any of that…

And this just in, a good example of how this “central control” is already creeping up on us:

More than half a dozen families in Virginia — many with children and elderly family members — have been without power since Nov. 9. Despite the freezing temperatures and with little to no warning, Dominion Energy Virginia showed up at their homes with police and shut off their power because they refused to have “smart meters” installed in their homes.

[see full article here]

Of course most people know about Amazon’s removal of several titles, 1984 and Animal Farm from Kindles after being bought and paid for by consumers. Ironically, the titles were controversial “anti-establishment” fare from dystopian novelist George Orwell. Amazon made the decision due to an alleged copyright infringement.

The point here is that they could do it, and they did.

It is only a matter of time before any publication deemed “disinformation” is easily censored in such a matter. “Oh, no, they wouldn’t do that!” Oh, please, they already are. Maybe not yet removing bought books from electronic readers, but certainly from other media platforms online—music that doesn’t meet with the “agenda’s” standards, movies, etc. It can all be similarly removed. Wake up.

“Bye, bye Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry…”

Yes, dry…and barren…and oppressive, just like any other prison. Be happy.

Todd Hayen is a registered psychotherapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a PhD in depth psychotherapy and an MA in Consciousness Studies. He specializes in Jungian, archetypal, psychology. Todd also writes for his own substack, which you can read here

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