Any Time Is Good For Solidarity, Mutual Support And Direct Action

from thefreeonline on 22 Jan 2023 by Tokata Leer en castellano

…….. Our comrade Alfredo has been on a hunger strike for almost three months since October 20. He is fighting, with the only thing he has left, to put an end to the most cruel prison regime in Italy, called 41bis.

A regime that we know well, that exists in all countries and that involves degradation, humiliation and isolation; that accompanies you to suicide and madness passing through many other previous stops.

Alfredo has stated that he would rather die than have to throw away the rest of his days subjected to that situation, rather than stop being a person with all that that implies.

Our response from the outside has to live up to, if not his proposal, at least our real possibilities and not those that keep us in the comfort of our homes.

Fire To The Prisons

Any moment is a good time to rebel, to say enough is enough and, to begin with, to break with insubstantiality, creating community ties, of communities that fight, that live and interact against the regime of domination and exploitation.

Any time is good for the will-o’-the-wisp to guide us back to a larger bonfire, in which small flashes of past flames hit each other to try to ignite the fallen leaves.

The time has come to reject the things that separate us, to understand what those old slogans mean, without letting ourselves be carried away by naivety, or seduced by parties, unions or little characters.

The time has come to take action with humility and clear-sightedness, to attend to the responsibilities we have with our companions and, above all, those who need it most, those who are inside, those who have their own names and those who don`t, but who also suffer the miseries of the regime of domination and exploitation.


Any time is good for solidarity!

More information about Alfredo’s fight:Más información sobre la lucha de Alfredo:

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