Narrative Fraying as Ukraine clearly cannot win.. Weapons still Flow but Germany wisely blocks entry of its Leopard Panzers.

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Some truth from official sources has begun leaking out: Ukraine is losing in the NATO proxy war against Russia.

Ukraine Narrative Fraying, But Weapons Will Continue To FlowWENT2THEBRIDGE

Two Polish officials said so, Condoleeza Rice in the Washington Post said so, and the mainstream/lamestream press began admitting it as well.

The wrong conclusion is that more weapons will ensure Ukrainian victory, but that did not stop the U.S. and NATO from pledging more weapons.

Ukraine’s government has come a bit unraveled this week with key advisor Oleksiy Arestovych resigning and then being arrested and put on the Mirotvorets kill list for (accidentally?) admitting that Ukraine caused a Russian missile to go off course and fall on an apartment building killing 44 civilians in Dnipro. 

Then there was the mysterious crash of a helicopter carrying all the top officials of the Ministry of the Interior, an accident which killed all aboard plus some children from the kindergarten it fell on.

Next, the president of Ukraine addressed the World Economic Forum at Davos looking pale and strained and claiming to be uncertain whether the president of Russia is actually alive……

insert by thefreeonline.. The German government has resisted mounting US and NATO pressure to approve key deliveries of its Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. The special NATO summit on 20th Jan FAILED to agree as Germany wisely broke with obedience to the US and refused to send its tanks or let others send them, at least for now. Germany gave lame excuses but the signal is a split against pro-war hysteria since Merkel admitted Russia was deceived by the Minsk agreement scam. Other German deputies said the reason is an aversion to the image of a Repeat of Hitler 1941 when German Panzer tanks rolled on Russia through Ukraine, leading to defeat and 27 million Russian and Soviet deaths.

… But some things remain unchanged. Western cheerleaders of the war effort are falling all over themselves to pledge their support for “democracy” in a country that banned opposition parties and “free speech” in a country that banned the use of Russian, the first language spoken by many of its citizens. …..

So, as part of a week of anti-imperialist and anti-war actions organized by members of UNAC for Martin Luther King, Jr. week (see the full list here) a hardy band of the unconfused stood in Portland, Maine yesterday at the evening commute.

We were on the second shift after a mid-day vigil in nearby Brunswick that occurs weekly.

At that event a surprising number of passersby had expressed agreement with our anti-NATO stance remarking “Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe” or “Ukraine is full of Nazis” before the light changed and they drove away.

“The weaponry is the pathway to peace –  Stoltenberg said in

all seriousness. For matters to get even more absurdly cynical, at the very moment while he was being recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize candidacy, Stoltenberg called upon his friends and enemies to brace themselves for yet another war.

This felt like a shift in public opinion, barely discernible but distinct from our past experiences with the public around this issue…………….

I’m not sure when we’ll be back in Portland, but the hour-long vigil at 11:30am in front of the Tontine Mall in Brunswick will continue weekly for now.

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