Join me in POLL demanding that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky resign – Steve Kirsch

It is unbelievable to me that Dr. Walensky is still heading the CDC. The organization is responsible for the deaths of at least 500,000 Americans who took a deadly vaccine promoted by the agency.

from thefreeonline on 23rd January 2023 by Steve Kirsch POLL AND 525 Comments HERE

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I have a funny feeling I’m not going to be invited to Rochelle Walensky’s Christmas Party this year…

If it were up to me, Rochelle Walensky should be put in jail for the number of deaths her organization is responsible for.

But the law protects her from that.

But it doesn’t protect her from my demanding that she resign now.

Over 700 safety signals (including DEATH) have triggered in VAERS and the CDC was SILENT about all of them until they were discovered by a FOIA request.

And even after those were exposed, there was NO COMMENT FROM THE CDC. This is stunning. Really stunning.

Then we have the gaslighting of the American public on the stroke risk (see Reuters: “Pfizer jab linked to stroke but only in VSD; nothing to see here folks, move along.“) which is real.

They are lying. The stroke risk is very real. And it’s NOT new. And it’s not just in VSD. This shows, once again, that the CDC

See also Proof: Strokes are caused by the COVID vaccines.

And we have the CDC conspiring with social media companies to censor doctors who were telling the truth so that the people would not find out just how deadly the vaccines are. This is not an America I support where there is government censorship of scientists.

All the while Dr. Walensky sits idly by, letting it happen when she should be condemning it.

And we learned that the death safety signal triggered in VAERS 2 years ago and the CDC never said a word the whole time. Not a word.

It is crystal clear that Dr. Walensky is more interested in protecting the drug companies than the public.

I’m calling for Rochelle Walensky to immediately resign her position

I’m asking all of America’s media companies to join me in demanding she resign. If they don’t, then history will not look kindly on them. I predict that they will say nothing.

But my accusations are all based on cold, hard facts. There is no debate.

The CDC is corrupt and the head of the organization is enabling the corruption. We must not tolerate this.

Please join me in calling for her resignation:


Should CDC director Rochelle Walensky resign?






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Coming soon…

Stanford Professor Grace Lee, I haven’t forgotten about you. Any scientist that thinks they can avoid seeing adverse safety data by calling the police, is not a friend of science. You’re up next.

Please share this post. We want to maximize the number of signatures here.



525 Comments HERE

John Cave

Writes Crowdsourcing the Truth

11 hr ago


Signatures? Is there somewhere we can sign that I missed?


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Mark Much5 min agoResigning is the first step. Hari kari is then the honorable way out.

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