Mega raids against Kurdish leaders – Will Dictator Erdogan steal imminent Turkish elections again?

“Since 2015 the government has tried to prolong its life with political coups, massacres, black propaganda, methods of war, threats and blackmail, and has now launched a new coup d’état in the face of the elections on May 14- This operation serves to steal the vote and the will of the people”.

from thefreeonline on 2nd May 2o23 info from kurdiscat

Erdogan′s other palace

Macro raid against journalists and lawyers of the Kurdish minority just days before the elections in Turkey

Erdogan is facing mounting challenges to defend his post. His main rival Kilicdaroglu is making progress in the polls, as the opposition controls the narrative.

Erdogan controls most media, the police, the army and has an extreme far-right following. In the past he was happy to jail hundreds of thousands, happy to fan race hatred and even bomb Kurdish cities like Nusaybin to rubble in 2015, happy to invade and occupy Syria 3 times and order a blatant genocide in Afrin – all to build his now dictatorial power.

Turkish Hitler Erdogan celebrates in UK Palace after murdering 8 Kurdish children

Turkey still has a now rotten system of democracy and justice . Will Erdogan go one step further? For example force the High Court to ban the opposition parties, HDP and Green Party, before the election? Could his fascist supporters launch a new false flag atrocity, blame the Kurds so he can cancel the election and declare Martial Law?

Or will he finally be forced out of his Presidential Palaces? Will Turkey then become another US pawn, putting Sweden in NATO, blocking Russian access to the Black Sea, and triggering World War Three?

Turkish Hitler increased Nudem’s jail to 29 years.. for Singing in Kurdish!.

The Kilicdaroglu skeptics claim Erdogan will rather steal the elections than swallow a career-ending defeat. Turkish elections did indeed experience wide-spread cheating in the past, always engineered by AKP and its allies.

The a macro raid, now 2 weeks before the election date in Turkey, disguised as an operation against the PKK which has been on a self declared ceasefire since the earthquake. 150 arrests have been made, including lawyers and journalists.

Just before the most anticipated elections, with their intrinsic symbolism (one hundred years since the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, ten since the largest opposition movement to Erdogan’s authority, Gezi Park), the Turkish government has made a clean sweep, jailing and silencing much of the left-wing opposition in the country’s Kurdish-majority south and east.

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The police operation provoked protests in Diyarbakır, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Mardin, Mersin, Van and many other cities.

126 arrests (part of a long list of prison sentences, at least 216) in 21 provinces, from the most affected Amed/ Diyarbakir to Van, from Izmir to Urfa: searches and confiscations of computers and documents in 186 offices and private homes.

No details: As reported by Human Rights Watch Europe, the archive of the terrorist investigation coordinated by the Diyarbakir Prosecutor’s Office is not accessible.

Turkey president Erdogan’s first palace worth $500m

Handcuffs on the wrists of 25 lawyers, a dozen artists, at least ten journalists from various publications, from Mesopotamia News Agency to Yeni Yasam and JinNews.

The rest are politicians and local administrators linked to the Green Left Party and the HDP, the Peoples’ Democratic Party that has for years brought together the broad spectrum of Turkish and Kurdish leftist movements.

The accusation is not new: belonging to a terrorist organization, specifically the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Erdogan: Systematic Torture, Rape of Political Prisoners

Everything happened in the morning (April 25), in coordinated operations aimed at the left of the country, as if the thousands of arrests in recent years are not enough, the dozens of commissioners of the local authorities and – still ongoing – a pending trial by the Constitutional Court for the HDP ban.

Among those arrested were party vice president Özlem Gündüz and central committee member Mahfuz Güleryüz.

A new “coup d’état”, as defined by the HDP in a note: “Since 2015 the government, which tries to prolong its life with political coups, massacres, black propaganda, methods of war, threats and blackmail, has launched a new coup d’état in the face of the elections on May 14.

This operation serves to steal the vote and the will of the people”.

FOR THIS reason, according to the party, not only the party representatives ended up in prison, but also “the lawyers who will protect the ballot boxes and the journalists who will inform the public”.

ANF | 1,200 women subjected to violence in occupied Afrin

The Green Left Party, a formation that will present itself in the elections to replace the HDP, is in the same line, threatened with closure.

An almost mandatory option: in the event of a negative ruling by the Constitutional Court, the HDP would have neither the means nor the time to launch a replacement party in a short time.

They’re not the only ones protesting: yesterday’s press releases came from the Progressive Bar Association, the Press Workers Union and the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions.

And from the prison, where he has been detained since November 2016, the ex-leader of the People’s Democratic Party, Selahattin Demirtas, also spoke, who with a post on Twitter pointed the finger at the gray eminence of the Islamist government of the ‘AKP, Interior. Minister Süleyman Soylu.

Reporters Without Borders calls on Turkey to release Kurdish journalists. The journalists were among more than 100 people, including lawyers and local politicians, who were arrested in a major police operation on 25 April.

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