Destroying the Arctic for a three-year fix

How much oil lies under that Arctic ice? 90 billion barrels, according to the US Geological Survey.

But, how much really is that? If you ask an oil company, that’s a huge amount. With a barrel of oil over the hundred dollar mark, that’s nine trillion dollars worth at today’s prices – if you could get at it all.

However, there’s a much more important number than the mind-boggling figures that the oil companies deal in.

That’s the number of years the Arctic oil could keep our addiction going for.

Three years.

It’s astonishing. All the flag planting, dragging of icebergs and gambling with risky drilling, is all to dig up a dead fuel that will only keep us going for three years (global consumption is approx. 80 million barrels / day).

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Climate Change Denial Syndrome –

Climate Change Denial..Heads in The Sand

  is the new book from ecologist Haydn Washington and the founder of Skeptical Science,

To begin with then, the authors recap climate science, talking us through the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect, the natural changes and the man-made ones……

This is the science as accepted by every academy of science in the world and by 97 percent of climate scientists. That it isn’t accepted by a similar ratio of the general public is due at least in part to a concerted denial movement. Conspiracy theories, fake experts, misrepresentations and cherry-picked data proliferate, much of it sponsored by those with an interest in preserving the status quo. It is well known that Exxon has been a major funder of dissenting climate work, in partnership with the Global Climate Coalition. Koch Industries has since picked up the baton. This is not the truth seeking of true skepticism – it is big business paying millions to protect their own interests, by sowing doubt and kicking up dust..

Lobbying and paid experts are the tip of the iceberg. They’re the obvious villains but denial only takes hold because, fundamentally, it is something we want to believe……

At this point, those looking for another excuse to sneer self-righteously at the climate denial movement might get a wake up call of their own. Washington and Cook are adamant that we are all implicated. ‘We are compelled to conclude that we the people also have something to answer for. We as a society let denial prosper…

When they return from another round of failed talks, we don’t protest. We quietly prefer them to pretend. After all, if they actually paid attention to our petitions, they might take away our cars, holidays, and cheap imports.

via Climate Change Denial – Reviews – The Ecologist.

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anti McDonalds.. huge resource center.


McDonald’s spends over $2 billion a year broadcasting their glossy image to the world. This is a small space for alternatives to be heard……..

our health

Many nutritionists argue that the type of high fat, low fibre diet promoted by McDonald’s is linked to serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

our fellow earthlings

Vegetarians and animal welfare campaigners aren’t too keen on McDonald’s – for obvious reasons. As the world’s largest user of beef they are responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of cows per year. In Europe alone they use half a million chickens every week, all from windowless factory farms. All such animals suffer great cruelty during their unnatural, painful and short lives, many being kept inside with no access to fresh air and sunshine, and no freedom of movement – how can such cruelty be measured?…….

I’m destroying it

One of the most well-known and sensitive questions about McDonald’s is: are they responsible for the destruction of tropical forests to make way for cattle ranching? McDonald’s say no. Many people say yes. So McDonald’s sue them. Not so many people say yes anymore, but does this mean McDonald’s aren’t responsible?

They annually produce over a million tons of packaging, used for just a few minutes before being discarded……

slave labour

Complaints from employees range from discrimination and lack of rights, to understaffing, few breaks and illegal hours, to poor safety conditions and kitchens flooded with sewage, and the sale of food that has been dropped on the floor. This type of low-paid work has even been termed ‘McJobs’…….


There is a much more fundamental problem than Big Macs and French Fries: capitalism. But what about anti-capitalist beliefs like socialism and anarchism? Is it possible to create a world run by ordinary people themselves, without multinationals and governments – a world based on sharing, freedom and respect for all life?…..


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No One Is Illegal

NOII Joint Statement: On the Justice of Tearing Down Fences and Dismantling Borders

No One Is Illegal groups continue to struggle on the streets for migrant justice across North America against increasingly repressive and racist immigration controls. We join together once again this year with workers around the world during May Day demonstrations to assert our dignity and affirm international solidarity with those who dare to challenge borders and capitalism. We also take our struggle to the courts where a member of No One Is Illegal, Jaggi Singh, is pleading guilty to counseling to commit mischief and is facing six months in prison, for rightfully asserting that the G20 security fence was illegitimate and courageously calling for it to be torn down! (More details here: )

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Landless occupy eucalyptus forests..Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 10, 2011 (Tierramérica) – Brazilian and international environmental organisations and peasant farmer movements are taking aim at the forestry industry once again, this time accusing transnational corporation Stora Enso of illegally profiting from the production of wood pulp in the state of Bahia….

The accusations specifically target Veracel Celulosa, a joint venture between “two international leaders in the pulp and paper market” according to the company website – namely Brazil’s Fibria and the Swedish-Finnish forestry giant Stora Enso…….

…..Women members of the Movimento Sem  Terra.. (Landless Movement), have staged frequent emonstrations and forest occupations.

The agency of federal public prosecutors, and the national environmental authority IBAMA have imposed fines on Veracel for the pollution of rivers and streams, stemming from the use of toxic agrochemicals, particularly herbicides, said Fernandes.

The MST leader blamed the intensive planting of eucalyptus trees for the depletion of water sources, erosion, and the rapid deforestation of the Mata Atlântica or Atlantic Forest, the vast forest biome that once stretched along the entire Atlantic coast and has now been reduced to seven percent of its original size after centuries of agriculture and livestock activities and urbanisation…….

The pulp produced and 60 percent of the profits are sent abroad, and “we are left with the environmental liabilities of industrial monoculture plantations and the impoverishment of southern Bahia,” national MST leader João Pedro Stédile commented to Tierramérica……..

via BRAZIL: Accusations Mount against Pulp and Paper Giant – IPS

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ECUADOR: Texaco’s shaky Rainforest –

Rosa Tanguila cleaning up oil residue near her rainforest community. / Credit:Gonzalo Ortiz/IPS

Trees on Shaky Ground in Texaco’s Rainforest

By Gonzalo Ortiz*

NUEVA LOJA, Ecuador, Mar 29, 2011 (Tierramérica) – When the trunks of the trees move with every step you take, you know you are in a swamp. This is what happens when you walk over the seemingly firm and vegetation-covered ground over what was once a pit used to dump oil sludge in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

The extent and impact of oil contamination on the environment and human health in northeastern Ecuador are much worse than anyone could imagine, as Tierramérica discovered during an extensive tour of the area.

via ECUADOR: Trees on Shaky Ground in Texaco’s Rainforest – IPS

Cruel and usual:



The spectre of Bradley Manning lying naked and alone in a tiny cell at the Quantico Marine Base, less than 50 miles from Washington, DC, conjures up images of an American Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib, where isolation and deprivation have been raised to the level of torture.

In fact, the accused Wikileaker, now in his tenth month of solitary confinement, is far from alone in his plight. Every day in the US, tens of thousands of prisoners languish in “the hole”.

A few of them are prison murderers or rapists who present a threat to others. Far more have committed minor disciplinary infractions within prison or otherwise run afoul of corrections staff. Many of them suffer from mental illness, and are isolated for want of needed treatment; others are children, segregated for their own “protection”; a growing number are elderly and have spent half their lives or more in utter solitude.

No one knows for sure what their true numbers are. Many states, as well as the federal government, flatly declare that solitary confinement does not exist in their prison systems. As for their euphemistically named “Secure Housing Units” or “Special Management Units”, most states do not report occupancy data, nor do wardens report on the inmates sent to “administrative segregation”.

Prosecutor, judge and jury

By common estimate, more than 20,000 inmates are held in supermax prisons, which by definition isolate their prisoners. Perhaps 50,000 to 80,000 more are in solitary confinement on any given day in other prisons and local jails, many of them within sight of communities where Americans go about their everyday lives.

via Cruel and usual: US solitary confinement – Features – Al Jazeera English.

A Moment of Silence for Dying Millions on World Water Day



UNITED NATIONS, Mar 18, 2011 (IPS) – When the international community commemorates World Water Day next week, perhaps it should ponder the words of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who once remarked he does not expect people the world over to stop what they are doing and observe a moment of silence, come Mar. 22.

“But maybe they should,” he added, considering the fact that every 20 seconds, a child dies from diseases associated with lack of clean water.

“That adds up to an unconscionable 1.5 million young lives cut short each year,

via A Moment of Silence for Dying Millions on World Water Day – IPS

Ghadaffi–our enemy’s enemy

Libya removes itself from the net… scared of a mouse?

‘Aware of the fact that Ghadaffi was an anti imperialist in his day.

Conscious that the US state tried to kill him and his family

Mindful that his successor will be bought and sold by capitalist vultures…

…We totally condemn this autocratic, sexist, butchering dictator! Our enemy’s

enemy is NOT our friend’.

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