Brazil: 25 Occupations in Mass Indigenous Mobilization #OcupaFunai

CnQlvJXWYAAeCn2For years the strong far right rich farmers mafia have  bought politicians and tabled laws to wipe out rights and already granted land titles for indigenous people in Brazil. Finally they have grabbed power and a whole series of laws already proposed are being pushed through now to destroy indigenous cultures and take back all the freedoms, womens rights and progressive measures won by the 95% workers in recent years.

Now as part of the general uprising indigenous peoples have Occupied over 25 buildings of the FUNAI indigenous dept across BrazilCnbZ46jXYAAZ6Ez

 from Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil      translated by EarthFirst! Journal   shared with thanks Continue reading “Brazil: 25 Occupations in Mass Indigenous Mobilization #OcupaFunai”

UK Activists stop Israeli arms factory

stop arming israel

We spread this social activist action report in solidarity with the struggle against all oppression – Report from London Palestine Action via RabbleLDN:

Victory to the Palestinian struggle! Stop arming Israel! #StopElbit

For nearly a month, Israel has bombarded Gaza from land, sea and air. More than 1800 Palestinians have lost their lives and war crimes have been committed. To our collective shame, the UK government has not only failed to take action to pressure Israel to stop its massacre, but has refused to take steps to end the material support it provides to Israel’s brutal regime of apartheid and colonialism. When governments support crimes against humanity, grassroots movements must take direct action.

A group of activists from the London Palestine Action network have today (5/8/14) chained the doors shut of an Israeli weapons factory based near Birmingham in the UK and are now occupying the roof. As part of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) and in response to calls for action from Palestinian movements, we are demanding the permanent closure of the factory and an end to all forms of military trade and cooperation with Israel. Continue reading “UK Activists stop Israeli arms factory”

Protest vs. Israeli Occupation Profiteer’s $5bn contract

Protest on Mon 19 Nov against proposed £4.7 bn contract for Israeli occupation profiteer
Protest on Mon 19 Nov against proposed £4.7 bn contract for Israeli occupation profiteer Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 22:50
The No to Veolia Action Group will be outside Haringey Civic Centre on Monday at 19:00 as part of its ‘Protest Blitz’, urging councillors not to award a waste management contract to Veolia, a company that profits from the occupation of Palestine.

The North London Waste Authority, which covers seven boroughs, is soon to award a £4.7 billion contract for waste management, and campaigners want Veolia excluded from the tendering process. Continue reading “Protest vs. Israeli Occupation Profiteer’s $5bn contract”

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