Smart Wristbands and Chips under your skin. STOP Worker Control !


Amazon and Boss Bezos Developing New Ways to Control  and Abuse Workers

By Don Gross     On Feb. 1, Amazon reported its highest ever quarterly profit, bringing in $1.9 billion in profit in the fourth quarter of 2017. The news came a day after it was reported that Amazon had patented wristbands that would track warehouse workers’ movements while they were on the job.

The stunning contrast between these two stories reinforces the fact that Amazon’s massive profits are created by the work of mostly low-paid warehouse workers and delivery drivers who work under slave-like conditions.

Amazon’s quarterly report revealed that the company made $1 billion more than over the same period in 2016. Of that $1.9 billion profit, $789 million was because of the tax “reforms” passed last year. Continue reading “Smart Wristbands and Chips under your skin. STOP Worker Control !”

US forcing and bribing Europe to accept Frack Gas

   frack USA
re-publicamos este post del año pasado
Not just France but all Europe should ban US Frack Gas.. The US frackers are EXEMPT from clean water laws and get all kinds of hidden subsidies with all opposition steamrollered, while permanently poisoning acuifers, releasing mega amounts of methane which isn’t even measured, destroying people’s health causing cancers and deformities with total impunity, killing animals, insects, fish, birds, etc and abandoning wells right, left and center to frack new ones, leaving toxic ponds….. etc etc.Fracking Orphaned WellsWhy should we accept their ecocidal Frack Gas?? We have far too much already, there’s a glut of gas, and it’s just adding to Climate Chaos.. Is it just to give the  US more profits and help them screw the Russians? Why should we help NATO lunatic morons surround and provoke Russia with more and more bases and nuclear missiles? Continue reading “US forcing and bribing Europe to accept Frack Gas”

Stabbing the Belly of the Beast: Anonymous Takes 9 Central Banks Offline


Anonymous Takes 9 Central banks Offline – Massive Assault on ´Global banking Cartel´’

by Jay Syrmopoulos          After a global call to arms, the Anonymous campaign against the global banking industry, OpIcarus has gained major momentum… eight more financial institutions have been taken down after the initial attack on the Central Bank of Greece – followed by a similar DDoS attack on the Central Bank of Cyprus.ChQcAtYW4AMbs5_According to a video released in conjunction with OpIcarus, the attack on Bank of Greece marked the beginning of a “30-day campaign against central bank sites across the world.” This massive push, according to the video, aims to “strike at the heart of [the] empire by once again throw[ing] a wrench into the machine.”

Continue reading “Stabbing the Belly of the Beast: Anonymous Takes 9 Central Banks Offline”

US Christmas lights use more energy than entire countries

694554-63b932ec-5642-11e3-ba26-b7fc4856becaBright lights strung on American trees, rooftops and lawns account for 6.63 billion kilowatt hours of electricity consumption every year, according to a recent blog post by the Center for Global Development

American household Christmas lights, a favorite holiday tradition, use up more electricity than some poorer countries—such as El Salvador or Ethiopia—do in a year.

Bright lights strung on American trees, rooftops and lawns account for 6.63 billion hours of every year, according to a recent blog post by the Center for Global Development. Continue reading “US Christmas lights use more energy than entire countries”

UK Activists stop Israeli arms factory

stop arming israel

We spread this social activist action report in solidarity with the struggle against all oppression – Report from London Palestine Action via RabbleLDN:

Victory to the Palestinian struggle! Stop arming Israel! #StopElbit

For nearly a month, Israel has bombarded Gaza from land, sea and air. More than 1800 Palestinians have lost their lives and war crimes have been committed. To our collective shame, the UK government has not only failed to take action to pressure Israel to stop its massacre, but has refused to take steps to end the material support it provides to Israel’s brutal regime of apartheid and colonialism. When governments support crimes against humanity, grassroots movements must take direct action.

A group of activists from the London Palestine Action network have today (5/8/14) chained the doors shut of an Israeli weapons factory based near Birmingham in the UK and are now occupying the roof. As part of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) and in response to calls for action from Palestinian movements, we are demanding the permanent closure of the factory and an end to all forms of military trade and cooperation with Israel. Continue reading “UK Activists stop Israeli arms factory”

Rote Flora squat survives as cops declare Martial Law



Cops in Hamburg have established city-wide stop and search after the Rote Flora demonstration on the 21st of December, see SchNEWS Red Flower Power.

Since Saturday (4th) cops have declared a Gefahrengebiet, literally “danger zone” in four large parts of Hamburg (see map) and stepped up their level of control. The affected areas have been cordoned off with barbed wire and had checkpoints set up. This is a reprisal for the demonstration against the eviction of the squatted social centre Rote Flora (Red Flower) where 8,000 protesters clashed with police. According to cops they intervened after the demonstrators for started the demo “too early”. Hamburg police are of course well known for being obsessively punctual. Continue reading “Rote Flora squat survives as cops declare Martial Law”

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