Fascists burn Ateneu Popular Workers Centre in Barcelona

While the Spanish government and the press in Madrid have not stopped talking about violence by citizens and pro-independence groups, this morning they burned the Ateneu de Sarrià and painted it with Nazi and fascist symbols.Un incendio calcina el Ateneu Popular de Sarrià y aparecen esvásticasomberos y guardia180329132450

A fascist attack destroys the Ateneu Popular de Sarrià

The site had already suffered attacks in advance, which have intensified since the referendum was held. On the walls of the patio have appeared swasticas,”Death to the CDR” (Citizens Defense)

Again, today at about three in the morning, the Ateneu Popular de Sarrià has suffered a fire, which has left the site destroyed. Awaiting the firemen’s report, they have already advanced that the building will probably have to be demolished due to its bad condition.

The centre was still being rebuilt after another fascist attack last November. The fascists are well known but enjoy impunity, encouragement and even financial aid  via the Spanish State for hundreds of attacks in a bid to stifle public support for imprisoned Catalan activists and politicians. Continue reading “Fascists burn Ateneu Popular Workers Centre in Barcelona”

Lets DISOBEY! Together WE CAN! BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 55

Dec 05, 2013 12:05 pm

1. Let’s disobey! Together we can!
2. Ateneu la Sèquia: denouncing injustices and building alternatives
3. The truth is the best propaganda. Livestreaming workshop


ALL POWER TO THE ASSEMBLIESJuntes Podem (catalan for Together We Can!) is the name of a working group born while preparing  the demonstration of last February 23th,  in Barcelona (see NL#40, 1) It brought together many groups, platforms, collectives and assemblies to increase strength by sharing information and strategies. Each entity meets separately and they have three comissions: contents, comunication and actions/strategy. They participate in comissions of general assembly as individuals and as groups. Continue reading “Lets DISOBEY! Together WE CAN! BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 55”

‘I Wont Pay’ activists block open Metro for happy Public

yo_no_pagoen Catalá abaix. A week after blocking open the Metro doors for an hour in the main Catalonia Square, the ‘Platform # NoPaguem’  returned to action. This time, in the packed Diagonal station. A few minutes after 8 in the evening, dozens of people came down to the station to the entrance to Paseo de Gracia and opens the door repeating a simple but effective “opening doors and keeping them blocked open ”

Some people wore face masks depiucting Mayor Xavier Trias, ironically denouncing the increase in public transport fares, by one who gets a stratospheric salary.

On either side of the lobby, dozens of people displayed posters and banners demanding two public transport at affordable prices, as well as reporting their cuts and adjustments’ as macro-economic causes of these increases and, in general, the increased cost of living.

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5th Annual Show: Another feminist Porn is Necessary

No social or cultural revolution can happen if, instead of embarking on the fight, of releasing our bodies and thoughts, we act from the prisons of our own prejudices, limitations and embarrassments

porn as self education
porn as self education

.Chronicle and assessment of the international art and postpornography Show, ‘Muestra Marrana’,  in Barcelona.    by Diana J. Torres

For three cold days the art production center Hangar (Barcelona) was again heated with groans and feminism. Yes, that’s one way of describing what is Postpornography, a way of understanding sexuality as a free identity construction tool , as a liberating weapon system from boring and oppressive hetero, and as a way of  reimagining and renewing our sexuality.

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Acoso a Amadeu..URGENTE: petición de solidaridad

Rueda de prensa + número de fax para protestar por el acoso a Amadeu.


Este lunes día 30 de agosto a las 12:00 horas en el Colegio de Periodistas de Barcelona, ubicado en Rambla Catalunya nº 10, se va a realizar una rueda de prensa con el objeto de denunciar públicamente la nueva situación de Amadeu Casellas.

PARA ENVIAR faxes de protesta a la Audiencia Provincial Sección 9ª:  número 93.486.61.51.

ENVIAR FAXES ES GRATIS, que mínimo que os pongais a ello… Expresad lo que pensáis... Continue reading “Acoso a Amadeu..URGENTE: petición de solidaridad”

#caixarolada cada dia a #occupymordor / Daily Bank Noise Demos

#caixarolada i #claxonada cada dia a #occupymordor

in English below

Què: #caixarolada i #claxonada
Quan:Cada dia de 17h a 20h #caixarolada i #claxonada
20h : Assemblea   On: Torres de Mordor (Metro Maria Cristina)
Acta d’Assemblea 2012.05.17 a OccupyMordor
L’Equip de dinamització suggereix la metodologia a seguir:
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