report: London Buses could be CO2 and pollution free. For $37.5m with NH3.

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NH3 Cost benefit analysis 1. draft report

Conversion of London Buses to zero % of CO2 and toxic gas emissions.

Download an extended PDF of this report HERE.CO2-free fuel. NH3 Cost benefit analysis…

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CO2-free Car and Jet Fuel ALREADY EXISTS!

I’ve checked it out.. of course, it was Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines who promised to spend billions on a new GREEN air fuel,

After years of greenwash posing and ballyhoo he plans to use some  ethanol, which hardly reduces emissions and removes plants which could be used for food.

But wait a minute.. CO2  free fuel has always existed!! (see previous post)  here

Are all these people totally sold out  or totally STUPID?

Anhydrous Ammonia is cheaper to produce than jet fuel, easy to make from solar powered systems, produces ZERO ZERO ZERO CO2, and has been extensively tested back in the 60s by NASA, with the X15 plane that reached a record 4520 mph!.( okay they mixed some oxygen fuel)

ZERO EMISSIONS  GREEN JET FUEL ALREADY EXISTS. only that converting the planes might cut into gluttonous profits.

Running your car on Green Gas (nh3) may be a little slower… running it on petroleum will ultimately destroy life conditions on the planet!

Heres the plane..

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