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Urgent: Support needed for captured Denver rebels

Posted on October 21, 2012 by denverabc

Tonight was the third annual Denver march against police terrorism. The march was attacked early on, as demonstrators and police contested control of the streets. Demonstrators fought to hold ground, and a brief but brutal street fight erupted. The crowd then marched, mostly on the sidewalk, to downtown, and then joined the massive crowds on 16th Street Mall who had gathered for the annual Zombie crawl. Throughout the night both crowds merged and joined, and proceeded to harass the police for most of the night. All-in-all there were at least 8 arrests and several injuries. We need funds to help bond our comrades out! Please consider donating to us to help us get our folks out!

March for a World without Police

March for a World Without Police – Denver Alliance for Community Self-Defense

Denver Community Police

Callout from the Denver Alliance for Community Self-Defense

Join us for Denver’s Third Annual International October Day of Action Against Police Brutality.

Saturday October 20th, 7:00 PM
Sonny Lawson Park at 24th and Welton

This city is under attack. A powerful gang roams the streets – organized, brutal, and extremely dangerous. Their colors are blue and black. They carry guns and engage in organized crime: from prostitution and dealing meth to selling illegal weapons.(i) They rape, beat, and kill with impunity Continue reading “March for a World without Police”

Internet smearing. Denver ABC linked falsely to Aurora

Denver Anarchist Black Cross Statement on the mass murder at the Aurora Century 16 Movie Complex

by denverabc

The writing of this statement was prompted by rumors circulating the internet that the person alleged to have shot over 70 people in an Aurora movie theater on July 20 was a member of the Denver Anarchist Black Cross. These claims are patently and maliciously false. James Holmes is not a member of the Denver Anarchist Black Cross, nor is he known to us in any way. It should not have to be said, but we will say it anyway: The members of Denver ABC along with any anarchists we have ever met, would never condone the calculated and intentional killing of random people. We are in fact actively and daily engaged in work to stop such tragic and horrific acts of violence at a systemic level. Continue reading “Internet smearing. Denver ABC linked falsely to Aurora”

Al Gore leads charge against Deniers..again.

corporate media control imposes climate denial syndrome

note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE..


Al Gore is stepping up the charge with a new initiative: The Climate Reality Project. It kicks off with 24 hours of presentations, staggered across 24 time zones, on September 14, 2011.

The point, Gore explains in the introductory video above, is to show that the “new normal”—characterized by increasing instances of severe storms, drought, and an overall higher global temperature—is anything but ordinary.

“Yet around the world,” he says, “we are still subjected to polluter-financed misinformation and propaganda designed to mislead people about the dangers we face from the unfolding climate crisis. Those who want to protect their own short-term financial interest are employing the same strategy first used by tobacco companies years ago to mislead the public about the science linking cigarettes to disease and death.”

Continue reading “Al Gore leads charge against Deniers..again.”

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