‘Bringing the Afrin War to European Streets’: Direct Action Catalogue

YPG International call for action: “The game is now on …” – fight4afrin

Germany: Apoist Youth Initiative –‘Bring the War in Afrin to the Streets of Europe on 12.03.18!’10.03.18: The Apoist Youth Initiative has announced in a written statement that it will join the militant action announced by the radical Europeans. They call on everyone to carry out more radical and organized actions in the heart of capitalism for the freedom of Afrin.

The massive Turkish Army and hired jihadi mercenaries  (many of them ex-ISIS) have surrounded the capital of Afrin, though convoys of solidarity activists continued to get through on Tuesday.
The green and beautiful city is full of hundreds of thousands of refugees, a dozen armed volunteer militias, solidarity and women’s delegations, as well as international volunteers and human shields  ….
Last weekend the Turkish panzers moved to cut off the city and  began to bomb and shell it from four sides. (see..Turkish warplanes bomb Afrin city centre)
But all is not lost yet. Dozens of militant solidarity demos have spread across Europe, Canada and Australia, blocking roads, trains, trams and offices. Europe: Tens of thousands protest Turkey’s attacks of Afrin.
ANF Images   YPG  Peoples Defense Units -” A great thanks to all the people of Europe who took  to the streets in protest of the ongoing Turkish attacks on Afrin – the people of Manchester, London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Sydney and any other cities where the citizens gathered today to condemn the war crimes perpetuated by the Turkish state”… | Facebook
Disgracefully, no nation  is willing to ‘damage its interests’ by standing up to the terrorist bully or confront the openly fascist Turkish state under the now life dictator Erdogan.
Russia, the USA and their criminal followers seem only too happy to promote the genocide in Afrin and accept and propagate Turkey’s blatant lies as they destroy the only hope of ‘a non sectarian, anti sexist, anti-capitalist direct democracy revolution that could save the middle East and the world’.
Erdogan has repeatedly promised to ’empty’ Afrin of ”Kurdish terrorists”and install an Arab and Turkmen plantation and openly boasted he will recapture all of Syria and lands once held by the Ottoman Empire …

Melbourne Australia demo at Turkish Consulate

 While those in power seem delighted to watch Erdogan  committing genocide with weapons sold by them, the mass media parrots Turkish propaganda with a zero basis in reality.BURN_HAMBURG

Hamburg, Germany: Arson Attack Against a Turkish Nationalist’s Car in Response to the Call to #Fight4Afrin

 It seems that those in power are just laughing at the solidarity demos … so there have been calls for Direct Action against Turkish owned property, urging extreme care to avoid injuring innocent people. …


We re-publish below a sample of the very many Direct Actions now taking place that have been  reported on the tag #fight4afrin as the fascist hordes reach the gates of Afrin in their German made tanks and US planes, blitzing our comrades and innocent people with Fly-Permission from President Putin.


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Fireworks, tear gas and clashes with police forces outside the Turkish consulate in #Thessaloniki, last night. #DefendAfrin #Fight4Afrin     https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/972821480273739776      9,936 views

12./13.03. – Arson attack on german army vehicles in Soltau / Germany

by: Antimilitarist group – Sehid Efrin Polat

Armed with Molotov cocktails, we attacked and burned some vehicles from the German army (Bundeswehr) in Soltau last night. The trucks were parked on a NATO-wire-secured site in the Soltau industrial area, Carl-Benz-Strasse. We acted in solidarity with the fighting revolutionaries in Efrin.

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