Viva Las Kellys.. Direct Action Mutual Aid by Marginal Women Workers

The Kellys are a Spanish based net of groups defending shockingly exploited workers, mainly women hotel cleaners in precarious jobs. Women who are ignored by the bought-out Unions who are tied up in laws and covert bribes. Workers are treated like dirt, while clients spend up to 500 euros a night for a 5 star hotel room.. VIVA LAS KELLYS

banner’ Fired by Hotel Hilton for Demanding Our Rights’

The Kellys is an autonomous Association and that believes in self-organization, it is made up of hotel cleaners, floor waitresses and their friends and relatives and it fights from common objectives.

The Kellys aims to give visibility to the problems of the floor maids, as well as contributing to the improvement of their quality of life. We operate in territorial work groups, each working group internally manages its spokeswomen

Barcelona Hilton is afraid of  us..  by Las Kellys

This time the Hilton Diagonal Mar Hotel was waiting for us with catalan Police Force: when we get together they are afraid.

We recently announced the  start of a campaign for a JUST Convention and CLEAN hotels, after concentrating on the Olivia Plaza Hotel, now its the turn again of Hilton Diagonal Mar, which we already visited in February.

We remind you that Hilton Diagonal Mar is outsourced

‘Lift up your breasts. Now!
Open our prison!
Open our coffin; let the world
be in awe of seeing us
Do not remain silent
in our chains!’                       Marcos Ana

Here we are again in front of HILTON. Good afternoon to everyone. THANKS FOR COMING!! Continue reading “Viva Las Kellys.. Direct Action Mutual Aid by Marginal Women Workers”

Unpaid Saudi Guest Workers Starving as Bosses keep Billions Owed


The exploitation of migrant workers is turning into a full-fledged humanitarian crisis.

Dawlat Khan has worked as a health and safety officer for the construction firm Saudi Oger in Saudi Arabia for nearly eight years, but his experience took a turn for the worse 8 months ago when his monthly salary of US $2000 abruptly stopped.

India SendsFood Aid toStarvingCitizens in RichSaudi Arabia

According to The Middle East Eye (MEE) Khan is only one of some 50,000 Saudi Oger employees who have not been paid since last summer. The kingdom’s largest private company reportedly owes employees US $800 million in back pay.

Living in a work camp where rent is US $133 per month, Khan has to rely on friends for food and accommodation costs. Most crucially, like many migrant workers in the country, Khan’s family is reliant on his earnings in the kingdom.57427fd544f64


Unable to send remittances home for the past 8 months, Khan says his family is suffering, with his wife having been forced to sell all her jewelry in order to send their eldest son to university this year. Continue reading “Unpaid Saudi Guest Workers Starving as Bosses keep Billions Owed”

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