Living Without Money- The Markets Where Everything Is Free.. post 1:

by Julie Liardet..    GENEVA – People strolling, music, smiles, bursts of laughter. Customers walk between clothes and trinkets, homegrown zucchini and children’s games, spread on tables or on the ground. A neighbor has brought his electric razor; another has just found a book by French sociologist Marcel Mauss.


This kind of flea-market-with-veggies could be coming to your neighborhood soon. With a twist: here everything is 100% free.

gratis   momey free

The gratiferia (free fair) concept originally comes from Argentina and then expanded to neighboring countries and all of Latin America. The idea was quickly taken up in the U.S. and Canada, and this year, it has arrived in the Old World. Sales and swaps are completely forbidden at gratiferias. Everything must be in good condition, and of course, a bit of civic sense is required. Do not show up with a van and load up everything in sight. This free fair aims at “liberation from materialism,” with the goal of leaving behind “the oppression of the economic system.”

Ariel Rodriguez Bosio, the brains behind the gratiferia, has posted a YouTube video entitled “gratiferia, una economia de la nueva era” (“gratiferia, an economy for the new age”). In the video, where he appears as a sort of philosophical/spiritual guru of the no-growth movement, the Argentinian explains that he started the first market of its kind in his apartment at the beginning of 2010.

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Buy NOTHING .. Collapse Capitalism and Save the Planet!

This year, Adbusters, the folks behind BND, are upping the ante by promoting Buy Nothing Christmas, a challenge to not just skip a day of consumerism but opt out of the entire holiday shopping season

Buy Nothing Day 2012 is/was Sat 24/Nov. Could You Stop Spending for One Day?

Mark Boyle |Tuesday, 20th November 2012

Mark Boyle, author of The Moneyless Manifesto challenges you to take part in ‘Buy Nothing Month’ in 2013

It’s a classic scene from The Simpsons. A flock of marketing executives sit around a large table in a boardroom; sales, they’re told, are down in the third fiscal quarter, and they’re the people whose raison d’être is to make the graphs head northeasterly again. They break out into discussion, before a cigar-smoking man, with deep furrows of concern in his brow, intervenes.

He decides that they need to create a new day, and that it needs to be something “warm and fuzzy”. Cut to a new scene, where Homer is unwrapping his “Love Day” present, a talking toy bear called Sir Loves-a-Lot, whilst his daughter Lisa fills the rubbish bin full of Love Day wrapping paper. Continue reading “Buy NOTHING .. Collapse Capitalism and Save the Planet!”

Oct 15: World Strike vs. Capitalism (part 1)

Oct 15th will be 6 months since the ‘Take The Streets’ movement took off in Spain and is still spreading like wildfire around the world. For the first time we can start talking about a worldwide movement without controlling Parties, leaders and authoritarian manipulation. We’re all equally important and deserving to not be mistreated and exploited. The movement is inspired by the obvious lunacy of the Capitalist system, the catastrophic destruction of the biosphere and runaway Climate change, and maybe also by the rise of the Internet, which by its nature pushes horizontal not hierarchical society….

IMAGINE there’s no money.. It isn’t hard to do..

We need a new system. This one measures ‘Progress’ by how fast we can destroy the planet! 

October 15th 2011 is a key date in the collective search for a new system. For the first time really on a global level. And may be the precursor to greater actions.

When the Capitalist money system collapses all kinds of unthinkable options may become possible.

Oct 15th 500 demos worldwide

It’s about time  people began preparing for the inevitable,  instead of desperately trying to keep the Juggle Balls of Capital in the air.

Imagine there’s no Prison.. and no policemen too..

Here’s one ‘thing to do’ list..Destroying the Banks in favour of a phased in Money-Free system.  Banning Hierarchical, sexist and homophobic organizations.  A minimum world wage, or free rations of basic goods. Abolishing armies and war. Community Co-operatives instead of companies. Phasing out of the Oil Economy in favour of renewables and NH3 fuel.  Banning GMO’s.  Collectivising excess private property.  Abolition of the Prisons and police system…. 

El 15 de Octubre del 2011 va a ser una fecha inolvidable para la raza humana. Este sera el primer encuentro UNIVERSAL de ciudadanos por un mundo mejor.
NO es un tema de ideas políticas, religión o filosofía.
El asunto es sobre cuanto nos importa nuestro futuro y el futuro de la Tierra


Quote Protesters plan to occupy London Stock Exchange

A group of protesters are organising an occupation of the London Stock Exchange to bring attention to what they see as unethical behaviour on the part of banks, following a similar demonstration on Wall Street.

In a Facebook group called Occupy the London Stock Exchange organisers call on crowds to march on the exchange’s headquarters at Paternoster Square and fortify it with tents and barricades “for a few months”.

“Beginning on October 15, we want to see at least over 20,000 people flood in, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy the London Stock Exchange for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices,” reads the description of the protest on Facebook.

According to the group the protest will begin on Saturday October 15 and run until 11am on December 12.

See details of 306 demonstrations worldwide on Oct 15th 2011

List of 306 demonstrations worldwide on Oct 15th 2011

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