anti-G20 supporter ‘Linksunten Indymedia’ raided, closed by German State Repression

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German Government Bans #Linksunten  #Indymedia

The German government banned the  website today. According to German mainstream media the decision was given to 3 alleged “operators” of the indymedia platform.


este logo es ahora ilegal.. .All Linksunten Indymedia logos are now also banned in Germany.


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Innenministerium verbietet linksextremistische Internetplattform

Screenshots: Report that the German federal interior ministery banned linksunten.  Submitted to Enough is Enough……photo NOT FOUND

German Government Bans Linksunten Indymedia

The German government banned the website today. According to German mainstream media the decision was given to 3 alleged “operators” of the indymedia platform. German federal ministry tweeted announcing the ban of Linksunten Indymedia:

Cops raided buildings, confiscated computers but until now the cops did not made arrests. Thomas Strobl (CDU), state interior minister of Baden-Württemberg told reporters that raids in “multiple objects” are ongoing. Federal interior minister Thomas De Mazière said that Linksunten is acting against the “constitutional order”.

The federal interior ministery motivated the ban saying that the purpose and activity of the Linksunten Indymedia website: “adverse criminal laws.” All Linksunten Indymedia logos are now also banned in Germany. Continue reading “anti-G20 supporter ‘Linksunten Indymedia’ raided, closed by German State Repression”

Free G20 Prisoners! Demo Sept 3 at Billwerder Prison. …G20 hostage’s Letter…

#UnitedWeStand: Free All #NoG20 Prisoners! Demo on September 3 at Jail…

  On Sunday September 3 there will be a demonstration to the JVA Billwerder prison in Hamburg. Today we publish the call for the demonstration …

On Sunday 3rd of Sept we want to march to the prison JVA Billwerder in Hamburg again to visit our friends who are hostaged by the City of Hamburg behind high walls. Our friends inside could hear us last time, even the yard time was changed to hold them back from our solidarity. Thats one more reason to visit our NO G20 brothers with a huge crowd and a lot of noise in front of the Billwerder Prison

Come with us, bring muffins and cup cakes, have coffee, music and speeches on Sunday the 3rd of September at the JVA Billwerder.

Please let us know any music wishes of the prisoners beforehand so if you write letters to them or make visits just ask what they would love to listen to, we will arange it.

United we stand!

via  Enough is Enough. You will find all our No G20 stories HERE.

the letter


”It’s been almost a month and a half since I was imprisoned during the twelfth G20 summit in Hamburg, in a city that was besieged and taken in hostage by the security forces, but which also saw an important local and popular protest. Continue reading “Free G20 Prisoners! Demo Sept 3 at Billwerder Prison. …G20 hostage’s Letter…”

The Hamburg G20 Riot was a Milestone and an Inspiration.. says Greek Anarchist Prisoner Panagiotis

Greece: Message from CCF-FAI/IRF member Panagiotis Argyrou in Response to the Solidarity Call for No-G20 Prisoners.

A response to the call for solidarity to the ones held in custody in Hamburg 

During the exile of captivity few are the things that can make you smile, offer a warm thought or a pleasant feeling. I can, however, say with some certainty that these days of July when Hamburg surrendered to the chaos of riots during the G20 summit, the clashes with the police, the burning barricades, the store looting, the vandalism and burning of sovereignty targets, my thoughts were boosted, a great deal of “thank yous” as well as vivid emotions overwhelmed me, and a smile lit up my face.

I’ll be honest, however. Although from an early stage a large part of insurrectionary anarchism aspired at setting a high target, something that had become clear already since the call for a militant campaign of informal organization months before the summit; and although there was a large number of public texts and claims of responsibility responding to this call (some comrades were kind enough to even mention the heritage of Black December), I wasn’t that sure that the days in question would indeed involve such great momentum. Continue reading “The Hamburg G20 Riot was a Milestone and an Inspiration.. says Greek Anarchist Prisoner Panagiotis”

“A strong hug to all the comrades” letter from anarchist G20 Prisoner

Hamburg – A letter from anarchist prisoner Riccardo, arrested during the G20 (20/07/2017)

 by actforfreedom |        We are spreading news of the arrest of a comrade from Genoa, Riccardo, on Friday 7th July in Hamburg during the revolt against the G20. Riccardo has seen his lawyers, is doing well and his spirits are high. On18/07 a hearing confirmed that Riccardo and all those arrested be remanded in custody. In 15 days an appeal trial will be held to decide if imprisonment is to be continued until the trial. The charges haven’t been formulated yet.

We reconfirm our solidarity with all those arrested in Hamburg.       Freedom for all!

Letter from the comrade Riccardo from the prison of Billwerder, Hamburg

Image result for anarchist prisoner Riccardo Lupano , arrested during the G20

At the moment I am being detained in the prison of Billwerder in Hamburg. I was arrested on Friday 7th July at 7:30pm near Rote Flora.

I am accused of insulting the State, endangering public security, of having played an active part in a group of fifteen people who challenged the police, in particular attempting to harm a policeman of the Special Unit of Bloomberg intent on carrying out arrests and finding evidence.

I don’t recognize the dichotomy ‘guilty-not guilty’ proposed by the State’s judicial apparatus.Related image

What I want to say is that I’m proud and happy to have been there in Hamburg during the uprising against the G20. The joy of experiencing in person the determination of people of all ages from all over the world who haven’t yet given in to the temptation to submit to the logic of money and the capitalist world; this can never be quelled by any form of imprisonment. Continue reading ““A strong hug to all the comrades” letter from anarchist G20 Prisoner”

The Great Hamburg Riot: review, solidarity, lessons, celebrations

A Greeting from the Future | Communique of the ‘..Ums Ganze’ Alliance concerning the events around the G20-Protests in Hamburg

It’s not as if they haven’t tried. Like never before, the ‘Security Departments’ and the political establishment undertook all measures the bourgeois-democratic state has to offer. All repressive and ideological apparatuses were employed to keep the protests small and under control.

Firstly – intimidation, then the restriction of camping, of staying overnight and trespassing, revoking the right to assemble, a coup by the police against the judiciary and the militarisation of the police.

The Green Party divided the protest, calling for a rally during the summit, whose focus was not the summit itself but to ‘show courage’ for ‘our way of life’.Image result for support hamburg G20 protest prisoners

During the summit, almost 20000 cops under the control of the paid sadist Dudde, with dozens of water cannons, stables of horses and dogs, helicopters, and special commandos with guns followed his bidding… continues

After G20 in Hamburg] Solidarity call « Contra Info  ..  Let’s act in solidarity with all those affected by repression during the G20, and update about their situation through counter-information networks. Let’s make sure that they don’t remain alone.The more actions, the more pressure on the authorities, the media and their world. For anarchy!     in German

..They brutally attacked left-wing campers, autonomous demonstrators, residents, journalists and sit-ins by refugees, leading to several people being severely injured before the summit had even begun. It’s a miracle no-one died.

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