40.000 convicted by Spanish Gag Laws, 6.217 for Insulting Police

mordazaPolice fine 30 people a day for “disrespect” to agents since  the Gag Law came into force

A request for information eldiario.es provides details of the sanctions imposed with 40,000 convicted under the new laws to muzzle dissent from July 2015 to January 2016

The Government has submitted during this period 6,217 sanctions for disrespecting the security forces, the second plea ban after drug useanarchists against Gag laws

The economic penalty associated with insulting or badmouthing a police officer has been 145 euros on average Continue reading “40.000 convicted by Spanish Gag Laws, 6.217 for Insulting Police”

Gagging Laws begins to bite: 600euro fine for ACAB Tshirt

First gag cases ..A fine of 600 euros for wearing a shirt that cops don’t like

you got it officer  Association Contra Anorexia & Bulimia...ACAB
you got it officer… Association Contra Anorexia & Bulimia…ACAB

On the shirt read: “ACAB” 
The girl was arrested and fined in Alicante under art.37 of the Public Safety Act (Gagging Law)that took effect last July 1 throughout the Spanish State. The cases in which this has happened are still very few ..Three known cases in Madrid, one in Valencia … descarga

Five Examples of GAG Law Repression

By Gerardo Tecé

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