Pussy Riot Video ‘Make America Great Again #PussyGrabsBack


Written passionately by Ricky Reed, Nadya, Tom Peyton #PussyGrabsBack #NastyWoman

What do you want your world to look like?
What do you want it to be?
Do you know that a wall has two sides?
And nobody is free? …. Continue reading “Pussy Riot Video ‘Make America Great Again #PussyGrabsBack”

Immigrant Solidarity Demo.. No One Is Illegal! Barcelona 21 sept.

Dignity..Residence permits..Housing. ..Work

Concentración- Dignidad Papeles Vivienda Trabajo- 21 S 2013 Barcelona

Hundreds of migrants proclaim ” Barcelona Dignity ” at Annual Mercé Festival

Homer Rosetta / @ LA_DIRECTA /translation thefreeonline

Immigrants evicted from the occupied warehouse in Poblenou fistrict, alomng with neighbours and supporters  fromother neighborhoods have demonstratedted in Sant Jaume Square to protest the Aliens Act and demand the same rights as all other citizens of Catalonia.

A ” Barcelona Dignity demo” took place yesterday on the first day of the Fiesta Mayor de la Mercé . Hundreds of migrants from four continents were heard as one voice  demanding equality from a government that denies basic rights to housing, jobs and residence papers , the three main demands  yesterday afternoon in the Plaza Sant Jaume . Continue reading “Immigrant Solidarity Demo.. No One Is Illegal! Barcelona 21 sept.”

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