The Security Guards at the Barcelona airport continue their partial strike into shocking oppression. Although today the situation has improved thousands of people have had to wait more than two hours to be searched in line this week.
25% of Barcelona’s income comes from tourists and there are suspicions that the state is behind a wave of attempts to sabotage the industry (among others) that coincides with the referendum on independence.
Striking workers have been negotiating with Eulen‘s leadership which has shown little interest in meeting workers’ resistance to wage cuts, fueling rumors in Catalonia that something more sinister is going on.
The Generalitat has  always unsuccessfully demanded that  the management of Barcelona Airport be passed from Madrid to Catalonia ..Strangely, Eulen  is in charge of private security at more than 30 airports throughout Spain, however, El Prat de Barcelona is the only airport that experiences an industrial action involving its workers this summer.

In addition, the company has very close ties with the governing People’s Party (PP): Eulen’s major shareholders include the brothers of former Spain’s defense minister, Jaime Mayor Oreja, and have even been accused of paying illegal ‘commissions’ To the Partido Popular’.

The PP has repeatedly threatened to punish  Catalonia financially for its separatist aspirations.

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Attack on a tire of a Tourist Bus highlighted in Headlines around the whole World    

 Last week young people from ARRAN slightly damaged a tourist bus in Barcelona as part of the campaign against the saturation of tourists in the city .. The news went viral in blazing headlines all over the world, promoted by the far-right Spanish media. But is it mere coincidence that this dangerous anti-tourist revolt finally erupts just before the Independence Referendum, after so many years of enduring them? Or could the rumors of the ‘Media GAL’ of the State be relevant,  with a police ‘Un-limited Budget Available’ which includes possible  ‘Infiltracions en … entitats sobiranistes’.?  (Infiltrations into Independentist Circles) Tourism is unpopular but brings in 25% of local income . see below.


Catalonia and Spain set for Head-On Collision over Right to a Referendum

All modern Nation States have quickly become repressive extortionist mafias claiming a 100% control of violence over their subjects.

Does anyone here care if there are 28 or 29 states in the EU?

Yes, for sure. The Catalans, for example,  say their language and culture have been brutally repressed and their wallets robbed by the Spanish State for 300 years.

As if to prove the Catalans right the Rajoy Government has banned any Referendum. prosecuted anyone  trying to organise it, refused to pay over legally agreed funds and uses its controlled Supreme Court to annul anything resembling Catalan rights and initiatives, from refugees to banning bullfighting.

Yet even the ‘left wing’ politicians, the socialists and Podemos in Madrid, anxious for a bigger slice of the coalition pie,  are now supporting State repression against Catalonia. The exception being the SAT union in Andalusia which offers to provide ballot boxes for Catalans living there.

This week the PP government have upped the rhetoric a notch by announcing that the planned Referendum on Oct 1st is an attempted Coup D’Etat, thus preparing the ground for mass arrests, takeover of the police force, suspension of the Catalan Parliament and possible army intervention.

“Like a mad bull in a china shop” the far-right and ultra corrupt minority government continues its criminal campaign of clinging to power by whipping up obscene racist anti Catalan hysteria. Continue reading “Catalonia and Spain set for Head-On Collision over Right to a Referendum”

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