Iranians warm up winter with ‘Kindness Walls’ free shops


A new movement in Iran is making sure the nation’s homeless stay cozy as frigid winter temperatures set in

Iranians may not observe Christmas, but as much of the West celebrates this year’s holiday season many in Iran are also embracing the spirit of giving, one wall at a time.

The “Kindness Wall” movement — in which ordinary citizens hang clothes on walls as donations for the homeless during Iran’s cold winter — is picking up across the country, which has long struggled under the weight of economic sanctions imposed by the West over Tehran’s nuclear program.

It’s not clear how or where the movement started, but Iranian newspaper Hamshahri said it likely sprang from one man’s goodwill gesture in a neighborhood in the northwestern city of Mashhad. Continue reading “Iranians warm up winter with ‘Kindness Walls’ free shops”

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