Sting, Madonna give support: Putin and Patriarch witch-hunt Pussy Riot

The trial continues of 3 women from the punk band Pussy Riot.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Mariya Alekhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich were taken into custody in February after singing a protest song against Putin in Moscow.

They have spent already 5 months without bail for nothing more than playing a song in a church without permission. Their detention is seen as a direct revenge against the lively anti Putin movement that followed disputed elections.




Corrupt Church leaders called for heavy sentences, then blamed foreign infiltrators, then claimed God is judging Pussy Riot

Church leaders foaming at the mouth

Corrupt Church officials linked directly to Vladimir Putin have demanded 7 year sentences for Blasphemy and indulged openly in anti women tirades and sexist language. They described Putin as a ‘Gift from God’ and dubbed the jailings as ‘God’s Judgement’.



Defendants ill after sleep deprivation torture

Medics were called when the women said they felt unwell on the third day of the trial on Wednesday, the court said.

The defendants say they are being deprived of sleep and are poorly fed, according to a defence lawyer.



Singers and Artists support PussyRiot

Madonna ,Sting, Peter Gabriel ,Franz Ferdinand and Alex Kapranos have supported Pussy Riot

Jarvis Cocker, Pete Townshend and other musicians have called on the Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure the members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot are given a fair trial in Moscow. Continue reading “Sting, Madonna give support: Putin and Patriarch witch-hunt Pussy Riot”

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love and rage: life after the collapse of capitalism

Greetings to all, especially you FoFees  (friend of the Free)  hope you’re enjoying the book

Set in the Collapse of Capitalism our heroes escape their School and Family and fall in with the squatters, anarchists and gays, who are busy getting ready for the final confrontation and the Dawn of a co-op Money Free world.. It’s a thriller as well..

Just to say it is selling well..Not a surprise as it’s FREE  (lol). It also makes a very economical present.

It now has 1322 Friends of The Free on FARCEbook (FoFoFs), and I havent a clue who’s who.

Plus its Blog has had 36.218 page views in 7 months. Seems like a lot.

Of course most people just  passed by the blog looking at other stories.

Here’s a few more of the hundreds of reviews the book has had on the ‘Authonomy’ website

Abuse of power being consistent in our culture, where fear colludes with the bully, it is cheering to see victims organising and supporting each other . This will appeal to a great many young people.
You give us moments of delight:… rolling her big eyes back to us girls … such scandal would zoom round and round the area – like a bee in a jar … Then her daffodil moment of glory: dancing and swirling, waving the flowers at the grey building … the golden snow. I’ve never heard of ‘testerical laughter’, but it kind of hits the mood of the moment.I really like your book and back it with pleasure.  Pia (Course of Mirrors)

Wow; I can’t stop reading! I’ve just finished chapter 8, and I’m only stopping because it’s 1AM! It seems to remind me a little of ‘A Clockwork Orange’, combined with ‘A Child Called It’. I cannot wait to read on. I’m still not entirely sure about a lot of things (such as the political situation) but everything I’ve read so far has been wonderful. If I get the chance, I will buy this book.

Karen Eisenbrey I read three chapters and the glossary. I like your ideas for remaking society, especially the mix of practical, earnest things with more whimsical ideas of fashion etc. I especially like how in the first chapters, it’s not obvious that the story takes place in (I would guess) the near future in a shifting, alternative society. But there are little clues all over the place that things are falling apart and changing, present but not taking over the story. We start with Linda, a real, relatable character. You’ve nailed the voice here. She’s articulate and smart, but not at all formal; young, angry, scared, beaten down but ready to stand up. Good luck with The Free!…Karen Eisenbrey

Aaron Pattis wrote After three chapters, nothing will stop me from reading the rest of this book! Who couldn’t pull for a kid like this and wonder where she’s going to end up? There are some terms that I have difficulty with sometimes, like “lekky” and such, but soon enough figure it out. But I wouldn’t change that voice for this story because it adds to the richness realism in the characters. Great job and backed with pleasure..Aaron,”80 Grit”

Lmfrenchwrote   Wow, what can I say? I love how you capture Linda’s voice. It wasn’t too long ago that I was a fifteen year old girl and…well…wow. I read some of this the other day and wasn’t too

Occupy The Planet. Abolish Debt. For a Co-Op world.

impressed, but I re-read it and trudged on to see what happened beyond the first page and I must say, I am very glad I did. I found myself giggling a bit and read on with a smile. It is a fun story. I am not normally a fan of 1st person POV but you seem to be able to still bring your characters to life. Very nice.

Funny and wonderful. Loved it. J.
CamilleS wrote
What a uniquely funny read.  Really cracked me up!  Camille…Curse of the Golden Fly/The Hobble Knobble Gobble Tree
 Great opening. Fast-paced and spirited way of writing. I like the talk about men drooling over Janice (lol); very typical. It’s real! and the “like a pack of randy dogs snifting after her”…This is what happens most of the time, in real life. Good job Mike. This work is so rich and moving, good humored. I can’t stop reading it.GOOD LUCK!!    Emma Philips…The Dark Intruder
Well Mikey…a huge HUGE contemporary tale. Brutal and brave..comical and painful.  Your style is enviably quirky. The language stripped yet so incredibly weighted. Congratulations, I wish you every success with THE FREE. .    Dawn:ARK
 What a crazy romp this is! I like it!
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