Occupy Barcelona: no Parties, no Leaders..

12M: Barcelona once again becomes a revolutionary hub

by Leonidas Oikonomakis on May 13, 2012http://roarmag.org/

With the re-occupation of Plaça Catalunya, the movement in Barcelona once again finds itself on the front-line of a Global Spring of resistance.Photos by Rieko and Teresa, via AcampadaBCN FotoMovimientoMay 12, 2012 — “15-M”– Plaza CataluPost image for 12M: Barcelona once again becomes a revolutionary hubnya, BarcelonaTens of thousands of Catalans took to the streets, responding to the call for a second global day of action after October 15.

“We demand, firmly but without violence: social justice, wealth distribution and an ethic of commons. We condemn poverty, inequality, environmental devastation and corruption as tools of subjugation by the powerful on society”, according to the 12-M website. And in a country with 24 percent unemployment (6 million people) and 50 percent youth unemployment, these demands seem more urgent than ever before. Continue reading “Occupy Barcelona: no Parties, no Leaders..”

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