Against Democracy? Tyranny of the most Voted

…..”Okay Democracy is a farce, but better than dictatorship?” you say.. but what if 51% vote for the extermination of the 49%, ? and so on..? The immense power of the modern nation state ensures that reactionary parties almost always get a majority as we are all rather dependant and brainwashed.  democracy
Starting new parties only means they can win with a smaller percentage. Then even if revolution could ever win it’s just in one State, while the real power stays with International Capitalists. And in the rare case that people’s  power triumphs we see our delegated candidates sell out and change sides as if by a law of nature… And if we ever did vote for revolution? That’s when the army takes power….
Is there a better alternative ????…..
Direct Democracy?..Consensus Democracy?..  Anarchism?.. Autonomy?  Topless Federations?..

The anarchist critique of democracy: by CrimethInc.


The anarchist collective CrimethInc. initiated this month a critical analysis and discussion of “democracy”, promising a series of reflections, the first of which we help to diffuse below.  Preceding it is the introduction to the series … Continue reading “Against Democracy? Tyranny of the most Voted”

Occupy Barcelona: no Parties, no Leaders..

12M: Barcelona once again becomes a revolutionary hub

by Leonidas Oikonomakis on May 13, 2012

With the re-occupation of Plaça Catalunya, the movement in Barcelona once again finds itself on the front-line of a Global Spring of resistance.Photos by Rieko and Teresa, via AcampadaBCN FotoMovimientoMay 12, 2012 — “15-M”– Plaza CataluPost image for 12M: Barcelona once again becomes a revolutionary hubnya, BarcelonaTens of thousands of Catalans took to the streets, responding to the call for a second global day of action after October 15.

“We demand, firmly but without violence: social justice, wealth distribution and an ethic of commons. We condemn poverty, inequality, environmental devastation and corruption as tools of subjugation by the powerful on society”, according to the 12-M website. And in a country with 24 percent unemployment (6 million people) and 50 percent youth unemployment, these demands seem more urgent than ever before. Continue reading “Occupy Barcelona: no Parties, no Leaders..”

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