Gás da Fracking Nos EUA chega em Sines, Lisboa, em 3 de dezembro


Today 3rd Dec 2017 the LNG tanker La Mancha Knutsen arrived at Sines in Portugal and began unloading 170,000 m3 of liquid fracking gas. Another great crime against our planet and its climate for the profit of Gas Natural Fenosa. The last 3 cargoes of the ship have been US Frack LNG Gas taken to Europe, a total of nearly a half million  cbm.  La Mancha Knutsen came under pirate attack in the Gulf of Guinea, off Nigeria’s Port Harcourt in April 2017.  Citing a source in the ministry of defense, Spanish daily El Comercio, reported that at least seven armed men approached the 173,656-cbm LNG carrier opening fire on the tanker once it increased speed to avoid the pirates boarding the vessel. Fortunately it did not explode and the motives of the pirates are more likely commercial than environmental

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A mais recente visita portuária do petroleiro LNG ‘LA MANCHA KNUTSEN’ é a SABINE PASS, EUA, que é o novo porto exclusivamente para exportar gás excedente dos EUA, quase todos obtidos da Fracking, que destrói o meio ambiente e o clima.

entwitter.. #NoAlFrackGasDelTrump

Atualmente, o navio  LA MANCHA KNUTSEN está no seu próximo destino para SINES, ao sul de Lisboa, em Portugal, e a hora estimada de chegada (ETA) é em torno de 03 de dezembro de 2017, às 06:00 da manhã.
O gás Fracking está sendo forçado na Europa pela pressão econômica e diplomática dos EUA como parte de sua campanha ganadinha e capitalista a curto prazo em favor da Fossil Fuels e contra a campanha assinada por todos os outros países do mundo para tentar salvar o planeta das mudanças climáticas letais e iminentes .
Embora o Fracking Gas do Sabine Pass nos EUA seja quase o dobro do preço do GNL, por exemplo, na Argélia ou no Catar, é subsidiado ilegalmente por um método contábil, bem como ameaças e / ou comissões às corporações corruptas de combustíveis fósseis Continue reading “Gás da Fracking Nos EUA chega em Sines, Lisboa, em 3 de dezembro”

Harvey Partly Due To Climate Change.. Partly caused by Texas Capitalists


For every extra degree Celsius in warming, the atmosphere can hold 7% more water. This tends to make rainfall events even more extreme when they occur. Another element that we can mention with some confidence is the temperature of the seas. “The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are about 1.5 degrees warmer above what they were from 1980-2010,” Sir Brian Hoskins from the Grantham Institute for Climate Change told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Climate change fueling extreme weather

It’s a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly | Michael E Mann

“That is very significant because it means the potential for a stronger storm is there, and the contribution of global warming to the warmer waters in the Gulf, it’s almost inevitable that there was a contribution to that.” Researchers are also quite confident in linking the intensity of the rainfall that is still falling in the Houston area to climate change. “This is the type of event, in terms of the extreme rainfall, that we would expect to see more of in a warming climate,” Dr Friederike Otto from the University of Oxford told BBC News.

Nature’s ironic ‘revenge’: Harvey hits the heart of the Fossil Fuel empire.. but also strikes the Poor and uninsured…

Ecocidal Houston Oil Mafia Reap Whirlwind of  Climate Change’s Hurricane Harvey…..   Exxon Knew for decades and Profited while paying none of the costs
Exxon may lose billions.. Serves Them Right!.. you say. Only that the criminal billionaires scooping the loot from the great fossil fools nightmare will still have their mansions, private islands, yachts and offshore fortunes safely  stashed away.

Image result for PHOTOS Hurricane HARVEY floods

It’s the ordinary six and a half million of us in Houston, only one on six of whom have flood insurance, who will have their lives ruined.

The great irony is that fracking for gas and tight oil is both the greatest promotion of EXXON TEXAS and probably the greatest new addition to runaway climate chaos, though that can’t be proved since Trump abolished methane measurement.

But does the Texas fossil fuel industry cause Climate Chaos? Of course it does, though you can’t prove a specific case  ”Harvey benefited from unusually toasty waters in the Gulf of Mexico. As the storm roared toward Houston last week, sea-surface waters near Texas rose to between 2.7 and 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit above average. These waters were some of the hottest spots of ocean surface in the world. The tropical storm, feeding off this unusual warmth, was able to progress from a tropical depression to a category-four hurricane in roughly 48 hours”.  see footnote 1

Climate change made every stage of Hurricane Harvey more horrific .

Okay so the sea is much too hot, but there’s evidence Harvey’s weird stalling out on the coast may also be connected to climate change.  Because of man made devastation and galloping desertification inland south Texas produces a semi permanent anticyclone which blocks entering storms. see footnote 2 Continue reading “Harvey Partly Due To Climate Change.. Partly caused by Texas Capitalists”

Ecocide re-Legalised: Trump gets Licence for Frackers to Destroy Climate and Environment

Big Oil just Got a Free Pass on reporting lethal Fracking Methane

A farmer lights ground water bubbling up from a fresh water spring on his farm in Western Pennsylvania. The gas bubbles started one day after this property was fracked for natural gas extraction. The farmer's horses stopped drinking this water the day the bubbles appeared. This spring flows into a creek which feeds a larger river.
A farmer lights ground water bubbling up from a fresh water spring on his farm in Western Pennsylvania. The gas bubbles started one day after this property was fracked for natural gas extraction. The farmer’s horses stopped drinking this water the day the bubbles appeared. This spring flows into a creek which feeds a larger river.

adapted  from BRIEFLY with thanks     The Trump controlled Environment Protection Agency,EPA, thumbed its nose at another Obama-era environmental rule, withdrawing a request that operators of oil and gas sites submit information on methane emissions.shutterstock_175228703

Cancelling  crucial methane control is a blatant crime against humanity and the planet perpetrated to feed the naked greed of US billionaire capitalists,. It is also an insult to the thousands of scientists and environmentalists and public who have dedicated years to getting this key step in climate control.

”Satellite data demonstrates fugitive emissions that are an order of magnitude greater during the extraction and storage phase than with non fracked natural gas, with  average losses, including distribution representing 6-8% of production. The figure of 6% makes shale gas two times worse than coal from a climate change perspective”.

Continue reading “Ecocide re-Legalised: Trump gets Licence for Frackers to Destroy Climate and Environment”

US to flood EU with ‘Frack Gas’, now proven ‘Much Worse Than Coal’

UPDATE::LATE NEWS:: The first ship carrying EEUU frack gas to Spain arrived on 22nd July in Ferrol, Galicia. Activists and Ecological groups protested bitterly and accused the company of illegal handling and storage.US 'frack-gas´to flood Europe

The first shipment of US frack-gas (‘shale gas’) has arrived in Portugal, followed by 6 more to Europe. The US plans hundreds of shipments, taking up to 20% of the euro gas market from their Russian rivals. With state help the enterprises have been busy strong arming and bribing EU companies into contracts, (eg. Galp (Portugal), Royal Dutch Shell and the Spanish Gas Natural. with the Rajoy govt only too eager to help).


A juicy business perhaps, aided by the usual US financial and military tools that have got the South Stream pipeline from Russia cancelled, have lined up countries and the EU against the German Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and have quietly forbidden their Ukraine ‘debt cow’ state from doing essential maintenance on their Russian pipeline, which still provides 16% of Europe’s gas.

first frack gas arrives in Portugal
first frack gas arrives in Portugal

All set then. A famous victory for the US billionaires and their power crazed political sponsors, who haven’t hesitated to buy out environmental law, poison aquifers and cause a health and ecological emergency in order to frack oil and gas from thousands of short term wells.

But just a minute. There’s a problem. .. One of the blatant scams of the frackers was to make it unnecessary to even measure methane leaks, and studies done were often bought out or dismissed as only local..

But now new authoritative Cornell and the Harvard studies (directed by Robert Howarth) have proven what we knew all along, now using satellite data, that fracking releases huge amounts of methane, the increase is enough to cancel out all the claimed progress in limiting climate emissions in the US since 2007.   Continue reading “US to flood EU with ‘Frack Gas’, now proven ‘Much Worse Than Coal’”

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