Colombia to Ban Monsanto’s Glyphosate.. World Campaign Takes Off

” ..everybody knew, even 25 years  ago, that Monsanto’s glysophate causes cancer, deformations and worse, it was pushed through by  corrupt corporate power  and US commercial pressure, and  is now the biggest selling herbicide worldwide, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of innocent people and millions of animals…”

Monsanto Causes Cancer15 yrs late..Colombia to ban massive US sponsored Glyphosate Spraying

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said he will consider the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and suspend the use of Monsanto’s herbicide, sprayed massively on the jungle for 15 yrs, under the direction of the US military in the fight against coca crops in the country.
The Monsanto product, which contains the glyphosate, has been recently classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization, after a scandalous 20 year delay.

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