EU dictators Give Green Light to Monsanto: maiming and torturing millions of us to death.

Just days after EU States voted 3 times not to extend Monsanto’s ‘Cancer Herbicide’ license the European Commission went ahead anyway and gave them 18 months more (and that’s for starters). And that despite an unprecedented and  gigantic citizens mobilization.glyphosate-poison-so-why-in-food

Glyphosate poisoning from crop spraying has led to an epidemic of toxicity diseases, cancers and deformities in Argentina

And this was the 1st big EU decision since Brexit, which was itself partly a protest against the undemocratic EU commission. 

So why the hell did they do this?   Because they have suffered a takeover by corporate capitalism, lots of lobbies and big money sloshing around and entering their untraceable offshore accounts?.. Perhaps also by authorizing continued mass poisoning the EU Bureaucrats assert their power, even over the heads of the member states who voted 3 times against it?..


But there must be another reason, behind this decision overruling national governments.. there must be a more powerful bully…

… of course, because  Monsanto is a top US moneyspinner, because the EU is under direct economic and political threats from their US masters who have ruled Europe by these methods since the 2nd World War. (Another current example could be the crippling trade war with Russia which the EU implements although hardly anyone in Europe believes in it, forced by the US to do this because it supports their military expansionism).

The Companies would have had 6 months to withdraw sales of Roundup, now they have 18 months.. and with no detail of a plan to wind down…no withdrawal timetables, no push to seek alternatives or reorganise.. no no.. THIS IS A STRAIGHT DECISION TO LET MONSANTO CONTINUE.. after the 18 months suitable excuses will be found to continue indefinitely, with some more falsified reports and studies,  if the public haven’t already shut up by then and realised ( as in Greece and Spain) that mass democratic protest is now useless.  I mean, what’s the point? if even 3 votes against by the Heads of States are ignored!!

The above arguments can equally be applied to the ongoing US touted TTIP ‘free trade’ corporate takeover of Europe.

The way to stop Roundup, and to stop TTIP may be by boycotts and ‘Direct Action’, when all else fails, with the current French popular uprising well capable of leading the way. see here 

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