Support Women accused of killing a Mass Rapist Monster

women support  accused of Yakku Adav killing

   Akku Yadav and his gang terrorized the village of Kasturba Nagar years with numerous killings and gang rapes. Though he had 24 cases against him he always got bail from the paid off police. Finally in 2004…

         ..200 Women killed Mass Rapist Monster

Trial in Akku Yadav murder case finally begins   Oct 23, 2012

NAGPUR: The much awaited trail in the sensational murder case of history sheeter Akku Yadav began in the fast track court of magistrate P M Junedar on Monday. Eight years and two months ago, Akku Yadav was lynched by a mob of women inside Nyay Mandir. Twenty one people were made accused in the case. The case has around 85 witnesses. Continue reading “Support Women accused of killing a Mass Rapist Monster”

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