Activists Occupy abandoned 5 Star hotel in Valladolid



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La Molinera, “a Social Center for neighborhoods, activists and neighbors of the city”, is the name of the group that supports the initiativeFACHADA DEL C.S. LA MOLINERA. FOTO: Gaspar FrancésFACHADA DEL C.S. LA MOLINERA. FOTO: Gaspar Francés

Early in the morning, a large group of activists has occupied the abandoned luxury hotel Marques de la Ensenada de Valladolid with the aim that the building will never again be a space dedicated to speculation.

Around a dozen activists have been occupying the building in secret for a week, although it has not been until today when they have publicized their action.


“A group in Valladolid have decided to take a step forward and recover for the public life of the city this space that is behind us, and we have baptized itr with the name of La Molinera  (The Mill).

We have been working for several months to materialize this project that today, finally, we can present publicly, considering, with all the evidence on our part, that both institutions and owners have abandoned their duties in the preservation of this heritage space, cataloged as an Asset of Cultural Interest by the Junta de Castilla y León in 1991.

With more than 160 years of history, this was the old flour factory of La Perla, linked to agricultural and industrial activity around the Canal de Castilla, which survived episodes as relevant as the Bread Riots and resurfaced from its ashes after a devastating fire in 1912. Continue reading “Activists Occupy abandoned 5 Star hotel in Valladolid”

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