Gas Amazónico: new book exposes Ethnocide and Ecocide

 Repsol in Camisea, Peru: Perpetrating

another ethnocide?

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The book  Gas Amazónico “Amazon Gas ” exposes those responsible for the violation of the Rights to Life of peoples living in voluntary isolation.

by Marc Gavaldà.- The oil companies that are to exploit the Camisea  Fields are operating with highly favpourable terms with questionable practices that violate the rights of native communities. The inaccessibility and lack of witnesses, combined with misleading government complicity and corporate image and community relations campaigns, allow Repsol, Petrobras, Hunt and Pluspetrol , the operating companies of lots 56,57,58 and 88, to act with a comfortable margin of impunity.

The book Gas Amazónico, a study under the Environmental Governability Program-ENGOV-which was recently published by the Icaria Editorial, provides new evidence of the misdeeds of these companies on both banks of the Urubamba River, south of the Peruvian Amazon.

There, dozens of indigenous communities, peoples Matsiguenga, Yne yami, Ashaninka and Kakinte have been entrapped to carry out an unprecedented industrialization of their territory.

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9 Oil wells Occupied by Peru Indigenous

Indigenous Community Occupies 9 Oil Wells of Oil Company, Maple Gas

Community members in Canaan de Cachiaco

By: Ronald Suarez, President of the Network of Peruvian Indigenous Communicators, Ucayali  

*Correction: Maple Energy is a company listed in London and Lima, Peru. It is not a Canadian company.

Over 400 villagers in the Native Community of Canan de Cachiaco in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon have taken control of nine oil wells, belonging to oil company, Maple Gas, in oil lot 31B. Continue reading “9 Oil wells Occupied by Peru Indigenous”

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