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Some insight on why there are so many people in the streets_h0_w628_m6_otrue_lfalse

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This isn’t your ordinary protest – this is a revolution.

Over one million people have taken the streets of Brasil in all the major cities of Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Rio, Belem, Salvador, and Belo Horizonte. Protests have been a common occurrence in Brasil, but for the past two weeks, the number of protests and people in the streets has been increasing phenomenally. Last time the streets of Brasil were this full for a political cause was for the impeachment of president Collor in 1992. That was twenty years ago. This isn’t your ordinary protest – this is a revolution.

So what is it about? The international media understands the gist of it, but they don’t see it as game changing as brazilians all over the world have come to recognise.

CNN reports “they complain that corruption is driving up the World Cup expenses at the cost of the poor.”

The New York Times reports they are “venting their anger over political corruption.”

Aljazeera reports they want ‘hospitals not stadiums’, and questions this is beyond the fare hikes.

BBC reports “the unrest was sparked by transport price hikes in Sao Paulo but it has now grown into broader discontent over poor public services and corruption.”

The international media doesn’t realise yet the gravity of this upheaval. Let me explain, Brazilians have always had too many reasons the people have for being in the streets but it was unlikely they would go.changebrazil


The truth is, Brasil is a self-centered country. The only portuguese speaking country in Latin America, yet you will be hard pressed to someone who speaks spanish. And even with only a year left for the World Cup, foreigners will be sure to struggle. The Brazilians who went go through private schools, learned English all throughout the school and still have a poor grasp of the basics.

Comedy within a nation say a lot about how a nation sees itself: Americans enjoy one-liners portraying the comedian as someone smart, in a heroic position; the British celebrate their failures, portraying the comedian as someone who wants to be taken seriously, but their dignity is continuously compromised; Australians joke of their acceptance in who they are – they have no dignity and are not trying for it; whereas Brazilians make jokes of their misery, they take the edge of their hard lives by changing the title from ‘news’ to ‘joke’. They don’t even have to try hard for comedy.19jun2013---manifestantes-levam-faixa-com-a-inscricao-o-gigante-acordou-para-protesto-em-frente-ao-estadio-castelao-em-fortaleza-1371646544882_956x500

It is a country where corruption is so common that when it enrages one person it is met with indifference from others who experience the same injustice. People are desensitized. And this is the most surprising element of these protests – over half of the people in the streets are in their 20s. This is the generation that grew up with entertainment at their finger tips, the most distracted generation, so much that they are telling each other to ‘leave Facebook’ and ‘leave Candy Crush’ to join the cause.

This is why they are hashtagging ‘the giant has awoken’; for years they have experienced the same misery and not given a second thought. The country has awoken from its apathy and is asking to #ChangeBrasil.Military-police-try-to-di-006

Brasil: The Giant Woke Up! #ogiganteacordou


 and what did the politicians reply??

how I heard Dilma`s speech.. Bla Bla.....
how I heard Dilma`s speech.. Bla Bla…..


The Giant Awoke – O Gigante Acordou – Brazilian protests with English subtitles – June 2013  

Videos from the Brazilian protests, week ending 21/June/2013

All footage in this video was shot and edited by eyewitnesses on the ground in Brazil, I only added (bad) translations.

Songs from the video:

O rappa – Vem Pra Rua

Gabriel O Pensador – Ate quando

Legiao Urbana – Geracao Coca-cola

Sett Blatter getting booed, the view from the crowd

Huge thanks to Amy from Anonymous Brazil for help translating chants and finding songs.


Occupy the Plaza 2013.. starting already

0010en  español abajo One hundred people have spent the night in the  camp in Plaza Catalunya whiuch was decided on last night at the Plaza Sant Jaume de Barcelona, outside the headquarters of the Government, where some 600 people gathered to protest against political corruption in a call made on social networks.

One hundred of them joined the proposed overnight in Plaza Catalunya, which was emblematic of 15M movement born in 2011, and some of them have installed tents in an initiative that has the support of the “BCN Camp Plaform “. The 15M Take the Streets movement weny round the world and led to Occupy in the US.

At 11.00 am this morning a meeting was convened in the same square where the demonstrations concentrates to discuss the coming days to hold accountable politicians for corruption cases.

Most of the PP government, including the prime Minister Rajoy have been caught with their ‘hands in the till’ but refuse to resign.

This afternoon in a demonstration has  been called that will start from Plaza Catalunya to the PP headquarters in Barcelona.


Un centenar de personas han pasado la noche en la plaza Cataluña de Barcelona, que el movimiento de “indignados” tomó durante meses en 2011, en protesta por los casos de corrupción política destapados en los últimos días.

La acampada en la plaza Cataluña se decidió anoche en la plaza Sant Jaume de Barcelona, frente a la sede de la Generalitat, donde unas 600 centenar-personas-duerme-Barcelona-corrupcion_EDIIMA20130202_0069_4personas se concentraron en protesta por la corrupción política, en una convocatoria lanzada desde las redes sociales.

Un centenar de los concentrados se sumaron a la propuesta de pasar la noche en la plaza Cataluña, que fue emblema del movimiento 15M nacido en 2011, y algunos de ellos han instalado tiendas de campaña en una iniciativa que cuenta con el apoyo de la plataforma “Acampada BCN”.

A las 11,00 horas de esta mañana se ha convocado una asamblea en la misma plaza en la que los concentrados debatirán las movilizaciones para los próximos días para exigir responsabilidades a los políticos por los casos de corrupción.

Se ha convocado para esta tarde en las redes sociales una manifestación que partirá desde la plaza Cataluña hacia la sede del PP en Barcelona.



Spain. Plans to destroy Wetlands for more Profit

 Las Tablas is a vast wetland in Castilla-La Mancha that supports migrating birds and native wildlife. In 2009-10 a government plan to divert water from the Tajo-Segura aqueduct was approved to tackle subterranean peat fires threatening the park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Las Tablas is a vast wetland in Castilla-La Mancha that supports migrating birds and native wildlife. In 2009-10 a government plan to divert water from the Tajo-Segura aqueduct was approved to tackle subterranean peat fires threatening the park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Plan condemns the wetlands, which were recovering after recent heavy rains, to a new crisis

The Plan of the Guadiana is the worst possible choice, condemning the famous  Daimiel National Park marshes and increasing the silting up of the Tagus..

With the fierce cuts causing mass unemployment without compensation, 100’s of 1000’s of families evicted for unpayable mortgages, bailing bank robbers to the tune of multi billions, bringing back Religion in school, increasing the military and police budgets while schools and hospitals, clinics and nurseries are closing everywhere….

It seems the corrupt Spanish neo-fascist government could not do worse. Think again! Continue reading “Spain. Plans to destroy Wetlands for more Profit”

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