Jason Hammond gets 3.5 years for resisting Fascist Thugs+ his brother Jeremy’s Resistance Callout

free Jason hammondFollowing closely on his brother Jeremy, jailed for 10 years for hacking the truth, and Barret Brown just a few days before, Jason Hammond becomes  the latest US political prisoner, getting 3.5 years prison.. just for resisting the spread of cruel and inhuman fascist organization.  He eloquently tells his own story below…

Anti-fascist Jason Hammond sentenced 3.5 years for Tinley Park action

  from the Jason Hammond Support Network,  via Denver Anarchist Black Crossmedium_ara

Sentencing Statement

I write this statement after pleading guilty to state charges against me for my participation in an organized direct action taken against a group of white supremacists in May of 2012. I would like to share my thoughts about this action. Continue reading “Jason Hammond gets 3.5 years for resisting Fascist Thugs+ his brother Jeremy’s Resistance Callout”

Marie Mason’s Album, ‘Not for Profit’, Download here

marie-masonMarie Mason is a political prisoner, activist, and musician, among other things. She’s being held in a supermax gulag in Texas for over 22 years, and she never hurt anybody. Please visit supportmariemason.org/ for more information.

This is a CD recorded in California which Darryl Cherney produced in 1999. Musicians in addition to Marie included Darryl, Steve Hesh, Peter Amazing, Che Guevara, Tony Askins, Edie Morris, and Peter Childs. Continue reading “Marie Mason’s Album, ‘Not for Profit’, Download here”

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