28th Sept.. World Action Day for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion



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Marie Mason’s Album, ‘Not for Profit’, Download here

marie-masonMarie Mason is a political prisoner, activist, and musician, among other things. She’s being held in a supermax gulag in Texas for over 22 years, and she never hurt anybody. Please visit supportmariemason.org/ for more information.

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5th May..Climate impact day..Connecting the dots..

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Freak weather is not climate change… up to a point..when it suddenly becomes clear fromn all the evidnce, that runaway climate change is happening.

Finally we can join up the dots.

Thousands worldwide to “connect the dots” between climate change and extreme weather this weekend Anyone and everyone can participate in this day.

Many of us do not live in Texas, the Philippines, or Ethiopia — places deeply affected by climate impacts. For those communities, there are countless ways to stand in solidarity with those on the front-lines of the climate crisis: some people will giving presentations in their communities about how to connect the dots.

Others will do projects to demonstrate what sorts of climate impacts we can expect if the crisis is left unchecked. And still others of us will express our indignation to local media and politicians for failing to connect the dots in their coverage of “natural disasters.”

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